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Charlie Hatfield Romo was born October 21st, 1980, in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The son of artists, he grew up in an environment where aesthetics and culture were cherished facets of life. His first fashion-oriented memory is at age five, hugging his mother and being transfixed by the scent and texture of her rabbit fur coat. From then on, every aspect of his mother's beauty regime fascinated him, be it makeup or hair or the simple everyday process of what to wear.

As he got older, Romo spent countless hours crawling through his mother's University textbooks. Enthralled by Art, Anatomy, English, Literature, Anthropology and Psychology, he swirled these subjects in his growing brain to the point of obsession. At fourteen, he graduated high school. He began his career in Higher Learning the following year.

As a bisexual man, Romo is actively involved in LGBTQ issues. He is a donating member of the Human Rights Campaign and Courage Campaign. Also concerned with Women's Rights, Global Civil Rights, matters that affect minorities and people struggling in developing countries, Romo is a contributor to Color of Change and Artists for Peace & Justice, among others. He is also very involved with breast cancer awareness and an advocate for mental health awareness.

His debut novel is MOONGLOW, a lesbian romance set in a future fashion world. Lots of melodrama, lots of models, lots of sass and lots of heart! MOONGLOW is the first of a planned trilogy. Her sequel, MOONGLOW: FOREVER HOLD, is underway and going very well! Romo is also working on a romantic lesbian fantasy epic written for a Young Adult audience called DARK MOON, which will kick-off his second series of novels. Romo believes it is of paramount importance to bring LGBTQI youth characters they can relate to face-to-face, soul-to-soul. His focus is lesbian literature.

"There are a lot of good lesbian books out there for young people, but not enough, and certainly not enough that feature strong female protagonists, especially in adventurous environments. My goal is to help the lesbian reader dream, and dream in a way that's substantially more personal than she is accustomed."

Charlie Hatfield Romo is also a Private Chef, photographer, artist and self-confessed fashion junkie. Models are his most profound inspirations for everything he creates. They are his modern muses, his every day Aphrodites, his friends. He lives alone with his two cats, Princess Kitties and Mr. Titan, in San Antonio, Texas.

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