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  • Anyone on Oct. 17, 2011
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    Life is more than what you see before you. Anyone can survive earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and tornados known as the Cataclysm. Anyone, can pack up a life, especially if it wasn’t working for you, fit it into a car and drive to a new city, a new beginning in a new school with new classmates. Anyone, particularly a teenage, can survive years of their mother’s fascination with magical mystical beings known as the folk, you know the fairy folk, the Fae. But for Tatiana she soon discovers that she is not just anyone. Melissa Conway artfully writes how Earth changes for some, can mean lifelong changes for others. Tatiana has never been one of the popular kids, never had close friends, her physical feature and looks make her too different. When she unexpectedly shapeshifts her features she is surprised and intrigued. That’s when her mother tells her she is the daughter of a long line of shapeshifters known as fairies. Mystical wonder is soon taken over by a fight of survival for not only Tatiana and her mother but also her new love and new best friend. Anyone will leave you wanting more.