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Author of CULLOO as well as short stories and poetry. Dedicated organic gardener, soapmaker and listener.

Smashwords Interview

What is your writing process?
My stories usually start with an emotion that shakes me up--then a scenario appears, followed by characters. The plotting is the most difficult and is forever changing. The actual writing seems to come easily enough, but the rewrites and proofreading are pretty arduous.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
My first stories were in grade school. I used to concentrate on one of my classmates in math class (not my favourite subject) and imagine them in weird scenarios. Scribbling my stories while the teacher explained a new math concept on the board got me into a lot of hot water, but somehow I managed to pass the benchmark and went on to high school.
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Catori's Worlds
Series: Catori's Worlds. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 45,000. Language: English. Published: April 20, 2014. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance
(5.00 from 2 reviews)
Catori has all the odds stacked against her: a loner with one green eye who hates school and just about everybody who goes there. When she finds herself transported to a strange parallel world on her way to school one morning, the only thing she wants to do is get back home to her blue blanket. Evil forces track her down and have no intention of letting her go back alive.
Taking Sides
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,480. Language: Canadian English. Published: August 19, 2013. Category: Fiction » Literature » Coming of age
Rennie participates in a peaceful student protest which turns to mayhem. It's through the terror of fire and violence that she discovers the real protest within her.
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,620. Language: Canadian English. Published: July 31, 2013. Category: Fiction » Women's fiction » General
Maddie was the name she gave when she didn't want her date to call back. After a lapse of twenty years, she meets up with an old flame and her life is altered.
Price: $1.59 USD. Words: 18,020. Language: English. Published: March 28, 2013. Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Adventure
(5.00 from 4 reviews)
Tala can’t answer the door. The welfare officer is knocking and her father isn’t home again. She needs to find him before her and her young brother get placed in foster care. Their quest brings them to secluded woods where they discover bear poachers are responsible for their father’s disappearance.

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  • Adventures in Cottontail Pines - Goober's Cousin on July 13, 2013

    Murielle Cyr on July 13, 2013 : (no rating) (Remove) This is a wonderful, well-written children's book. Goober, always structured and organized, must learn a valuable lesson. His bubbly, energetic younger cousin, Waffle, comes for a visit and disrupts Goober' s harmony.Goober prides himself in having completed a long and detailed school assignment. Waffle accidently destroys it and Goober reacts violently. A great lesson in tolerance for both children and parents.
  • The Gateway on Sep. 15, 2013

    Steve Simon's The Gateway is an entertaining science fiction story for teens and pre-teens. The action is fast-paced and the main characters, Barry and Tom, are believable and endearing. The author warns about the responsibility of exploring new worlds: Respect the world you enter and don't cause any harm to the inhabitants and their surroundings. The plot is easy to follow; the characters use their walkie-talkie to transport to other worlds, sharing and updating their technological knowledge with each other. Some editing is required in a few places but a sure winner with the younger reluctant reader.
  • Anything But Ordinary on Sep. 21, 2013

    Anything But Ordinary is a good read with lots of action, likeable characters and a romantic sub-plot. A week before graduation, Jake still hasn't confessed his feelings to his three-year long infatuation, Olivia. When he discovers she is in big trouble with a drug gang, he plunges head-on into the action to save her. The action is fast-paced and KodyThomas keeps the readers on their toes with explosions, guns and gang killings. There are minor proofreading slips but the story is structurally sound. Certainly a good choice for the young adult readers.
  • Elsie and the Money Tree on Oct. 27, 2013

    Mark Douglas Stafford has written a delightful children's story about a little girl who wants to help a poor family in her neigbourhood. Her parents are workaholics with a mission in life to accumulate the most money they can. They protest the child's wish to help others and insist poor people are simply lazy. A strange tree with leaves in the shape of real money grows in the little girl's yard and life takes an unsuspected turn for everybody. A very enjoyable story with an enormous moral message
  • Nglnd Xpx on Jan. 01, 2014

    Pour yourself a strong tea, or whatever else keeps you awake. You'll want to be on your toes not to miss all the puns and witticisms in Ian Hutson's collection of short stories, NGLND XPX. A few of the colourful items found in this eclectic hodgepodge: zombies, robots, comical sci-fi, are there to entertain, but at the same time, force us to take a closer look at ourselves as representative of the human race. This is a prime example of British humour at it's best.
  • After Forever Ends on March 05, 2014

    Melodie Ramone has written an epic love story. Silvia Cotton has battled with love from a young age; the need for love and acceptance becomes her driving force. Orphaned by her mother while still a toddler, she must deal with her father’s inability to offer her the affection she so needs. Smart and fiery, she focuses on the only way she knows to gain the acceptance and recognition she so craves by throwing herself heart and soul in becoming a top-notch student. Then one day, a fellow student, Oliver, ‘hits her in the head with a ball’ and her destiny is forever changed. After Forever Ends, stands apart from the typical romance story—it affirms the power of love that sustains you even after death has claimed a loved one—it depicts love as “a strong magic...that comes from deep within the source of all creation.” A wonderful journey into the spiritual side of love with characters that will remain with you long after the author has finished her story.