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  • No Turning Back on April 15, 2014

    Wow! This book was amazing. It's really hard for me to write a non spoiler review, but no worries I won't include any spoilers. In the beginning of the book Charley is dating Dylan. Something happens and she ends the relationship by totally avoiding him. Cash (who Charley calls Cash Money) is her rock. Charley describes Cash as her "knight in an F250 and a pair of Carhartts." I love that description of Cash. Charley goes off to college and Cash stays on the farm. Charley loves Cash but she wants to experience college and find herself. Cash is fine with that. Cash tells her, "I am willing to wait, continue being your best friend, boyfriend, continue being your rock, but I'm not leaving you ever again." While at college Charley becomes friends with the girls on her dorm floor. She also meets Joe. Joe seems to be the perfect person for Charley to explore college with. Charley goes back and forth between Joe and Cash. Both Joe and Cash know about each other and form a friendship. The characters were well written, which allows the reader to bound quickly with them. The end of the book took a turn I never expected. There's a huge cliffhanger. You are definitely left wanting more.
  • Happiness in Jersey on Oct. 10, 2014

    Don't let the title Happiness In Jersey fool you, this book has nothing to do with the state of New Jersey. Jersey is one of the characters. Jersey is a strong girl who has been dealt a lot of not so good stuff. She is attending college on a partial scholarship and working at a coffee shop. She plays base in a band called Prototype. She doesn't believe in love and believes that death is the only inevitable thing in life. Jersey is definitely an interesting character. The guys in Prototype are all good friends. Devin is her best friend, they grew up together. I kept waiting for Devin to profess his love for Jersey. Zay shows up and it looks like things might change for Jersey Zay is a complicated guy. He's a musician too. He has a tough past too. He believes in love. Zay is interested and attracted to Jersey. Of course Jersey not believing in love pushes Zay away a lot. Zay know what he wants and doesn't back off easily. I loved reading Zay and Jersey's story. There is a lot of emotional ups and downs in the book. Happiness In Jersey was a great journey into Jersey's life.