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  • A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1) on June 09, 2012
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    When I first heard of this book, I was a little skeptic about it. But when I heard it was about a girl who has a demon possessing her, I thought I could give it a chance. As soon as I started it I was drawn in. It starts off with Liora, one of our main characters, at school getting yelled at by her English teacher. This is where Lucky, Lioras demon side steps in. After Lucky gets a few words in about his teaching she is sent to the Principals office, but very quickly leaving after freaking him and his secretary out. While Liora is ditching school she runs into the very attractive Kieron, the new boy who just came from the big cities. For some reason he shows interest in Liora, which confuses her greatly. After hanging out in the woods for a few hours, she heads comes home to Tatiana her caretaker who is also a very powerful witch. This is where the confusing part comes in. It turns out Liora is only in control of her body for the morning and in the evening Lucky steps in. This is result from a very tragic attack by a pair of very creepy demons, which causes them to follow this routine everyday. While Liora goes to school everyday, Lucky goes into the demon world to hunt down some other demons, collect debt, or go drinking in a bar. But when humans and demons begin to go missing and end up dead, Lucky and her friend Bones, an Incubus, plus someone else, go searching down the ones who have committed these murders. All in all it's a very well put together story line and I have to say Lucky does act badass at some points. Another thing I have to add is this, if they switch on and off like that, how is their body not extremely tired!? It has been confusing me for awhile. Other than that, I suggest this to people who love a good fantasy novel.