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Sue Oaks lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. She was formerly known as Sue Schmid and under this name she taught English in Mildura, Melbourne and Mornington, until choosing social work as her main career.

Sue has enjoyed writing since she was in primary school, and she recalls winning an award for a poem she wrote called 'The Swagman'.

'The swagman is a funny man,
He eats and drinks from a billy-can,
He carries a swag and wears a cork-on-string hat and
It's not very often that a swaggy gets fat.
He roams through the country
With the mozzies and flies
And never eats a proper meal
And gets no rest till the day he dies.'

Sue spent four years living in a little house in the Whipstick Forest, just outside of Eaglehawk (North-Central Victoria), and she has many strong memories of this time, many of which can be found dotted throughout her stories. Introduced to the joy of reading as a toddler, she avidly devoured as many books as she could, drinking up authors like Dr Seuss, Enid Blyton (the Far-away Tree series), Judy Blume and
in early teen years, Virginia Andrews!

Enjoying English throughout her schooling, Sue chose to complete an Arts Degree majoring in Literature, and followed this up with a teaching method in the subject. Finding herself spending more time teaching other subjects and walking the rounds of yard duty, Sue became somewhat disillusioned with teaching and decided to spend time doing things she loved instead, choosing to study writing and then begin a
degree in social work.

Sue discovered that she particularly loved writing short-stories and that writing for children and adolescents came naturally. She entered a number of competitions, two of which resulted in prizes and publication - 'Secrets', a short story compilation published by Ginninderra Press and 'Slippery When Wet, Edition 7' published by Australian Roadside Services, which she found very encouraging.

Despite working full time as a Family Solutions Case Manager with Anglicare Victoria (a role which she loves), Sue manages to write every day. This is her active blog and she is also currently working on a number of pieces, both fiction and non-fiction. She has recently written a teaching unit on the subject of Bulimia, which has been published in the 'Smart and Safe Mental Health' series by Blake Education in 2012.

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