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Smashwords book reviews by Evelyn Amaro

  • Hush Money (Talent Chronicles) on Aug. 27, 2010

    This is a fantasy YA series that grabs your attention from the very first page. It is filled with an array of interesting characters that makes you want to be them, hate them, or just root for them to come out on top! This is the story of Talents. Talents are people with powers, and they are subject to government capture if they are discovered. This is why they hide their talents and try to stay under the radar, at least that's what Joss does. She is the heroine in this novel whose main focus in life is to go unnoticed. She is a Talent and she doesn't want anyone to know. If people find out what you are, the government comes and sends you to State school to conduct "research" on you - who wants that? Her plan worked until the day Kat came into her life. All of a sudden she finds herself with friends, a potential love interest, the target of a deadly threat, and in the middle of a government official vs Talents show down that is out of this world! This book has everything I love in a YA novel: mystery, love, danger, excitement, and a kick ass heroine who can't quite figure out just how kick ass she really is! This book is a must read! It is truly all kinds of awesomeness. If you want an exciting YA fantasy novel that grabs you from the intro and leaves you wanting more, then this is the book for you!
  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble on Sep. 05, 2010

    This book in three words: Amazing, Witty, Unique. This is the debut novel by HP Mallory, and already she has proven to be one of the best urban fantasy authors out there right now! This book is about a Jolie. She was just a person trying to live a somewhat normal life, other than the fact that she can see auras, ghosts, and runs a tarot/psychic reading shop, she was succeeding. All that changes when Rand walks through the door. The hot warlock quickly shows Jolie that she in not your average girl - she's a witch with unbelievable abilities, one of which is to reanimate the dead. All of a sudden Jolie is thrown into the hidden and divided world of the underworld where a war is brewing, and the one person who can tilt the balance in the war is Jolie. Hold on tight as Jolie takes you for the ride of your life! This book has it all! A likable and strong heroine, an array of interesting characters ranging from her human bff to a sexy and potentially dangerous vampire; powerful fairies and hot werewolves; witches and warlocks - just to name a few. Mystery, sexual tension, powers beyond belief, and fantastic writing will have you flying through the pages and dying for the release of the next installment! Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is a must read!
  • To Kill A Warlock on Sep. 06, 2010

    HP Mallory has done it again with To Kill A Warlock. She is a new author that has quickly cemented her place on the top of the list of urban fantasy greats. This novel is another testament as to why she has quickly risen to my top 10 UF author's list. This series is about Dulcie O'Neil, a kick ass fairy Regulator who keeps the creatures of the Netherworld in check. When a warlock is murdered, followed by a spring of other murders to her Netherworld creatures, Dulcie quickly finds herself in the middle of an investigation that rocks her world. Nothing what it seems, No one is who she thinks they are, and all she thought she knew is proving to be wrong. This book has it all! Mystery, romance, danger, betrayal, action, powers, along with twists and turns that will have your racing through the pages to uncover the truth. The intriguing storyline is accompanied by an array of characters that you will love. This includes a seductive vamp, a hot Netherworld investigator, a sadistic demon, a loyal witch, a dreamy elf...just to name a few. This is a definite must read and I'm sure it will quickly be one of your favorite UF series too.
  • The Ghost Hunter on Sep. 23, 2010

    Ashley is a person who just wants to be normal and fit in, of course that is hard since she can see and talk to ghosts! In search of the truth, Ashley sets out to the Inn she inherits from her aunt with the intention of finding her father, and finding answers that she has been seeking all her life: why did her dad abandon her, and what is the truth behind her curse? When she gets there, she realizes she is in over her head. Nothing is what it appears to be, the people she trusts may be the ones she should be running from, and the powers she has, may not be the only power she possesses. This book is a crazy roller coaster of a book, filled with twists and turns from the beginning to the end. You will be on the edge of your seat trying to put the puzzle pieces together to uncover the truth. It has everything you could ever want in an paranormal romance book: suspense, mystery, danger, and some serious sexual tension. Ashley is a complex character that is strong, yet insecure; smart, yet naive; completely lost, but determined to find the truth. She will have you rooting for her all the way. Cristian is hot, sexy, mysterious and the most bad-ass angel you will ever meet. His bad boy persona, mixed with his angel status is unique and just plain sexy. The mystery surrounding them and the sexual tension between Cristian and Ashley will have you racing through the pages to find out what is going to happen next in the crazy saga that is their unconventional relationship. This wouldn't be a sizzling novel if Cristian didn't have a little competition, and in walks Devon. Devon is another angel that comes back from the dead with one thing in mind, protecting Ashley. This book is a must read. It takes you into a fantasy world that is hidden right in our backyard. A place with hot angels, evil demons, mysterious ghosts, feisty witches, slick werewolves, creepy vampires, and more! There is definitely a little something for everyone. If you love a paranormal romance that is filled with suspense, mystery and sizzling romance, then this is a book for you.
  • Cattitude on Dec. 14, 2010

    Edie Ramer did a phenomenal job in writing a book that truly has it all! It is fun, funny, dangerous, mysterious, and filled with a perfect combination of suspense and romance. It's Chick-Lit meets Paranormal Romance, and the combination is explosive! Belle is a cat that has it all - a beautiful home, an owner (Max) who adores her, and naps in the bed. Her world is turned upside down when Caroline, a widow currently living in Belle's house, decides Max is going to be her future husband. The only thing standing in her way is his annoying cat so she decides to get rid of Belle by throwing her in front of a moving car... Sacha is on the run after witnessing a murder. She is driving fast with the murderer right behind her when something hits her car... Belle and Sacha's world changes forever when their two worlds collide and they switch bodies. Suddenly Belle is in a human body being rescued by the man she once thought of as her owner (or human slave - we all know cats rule). Soon she finds herself falling in love with him, but how can she be with him when her soul is still that of a cat? Sacha finds herself in a cat body. She is trying to cope with her new cat impulses when a little girl finds her. All of a sudden she finds the love and protection that she never found as a human. What do you do when who you really are is at odds with who you were? Do you return to your old life or live as if it never existed? This book is a must read. It's for the Chick-Lit and Paranormal Romance lovers; It's for those that love to read Tear-Jerkers, as well as the Page-Turners. What I'm trying to say is - just read it!! You will not be disappointed. It's a light, fun read that still has the suspense, danger and mystery that us heavy PNR fans appreciate