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  • Guardian on April 20, 2012

    I absolutely loved Guardian! Gillian Joy has a wonderful way with words. I definitely recommend this book to others! It's a story that grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let you go! Guardian is a story about Hannah who is the guardian over all your paranormal creatures, vampires, werewolves, witches, nephilum, you name it Guardian has it. After her mother's death she set out on a search for the vampire responsible for having her mother killed. Along the way she gained the reputation of being a vampire hater/killer, something that changed after she is reunited with her childhood best friend. Together they set out to draw her mother's murderer out. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series! Definitely one of the best I have read this year.
  • Forever on April 27, 2012

    Oh my gosh, this book had me up until the early morning hours. It was amazing! I had to grab a box of tissues with this one. If you want an amazing read with everything supernatural then this sereis is definitely for you. Vampires, Mermaids, Fairies, Witches, werewolves, it's all in there. This book picks up where Guardian left off. Hannah is torn apart about her feelings for Gabriel. What is it that needs to be done, should she just walk away and end their friendship? Then there is her duty to the crudelitas, the fairies pester her for help and the mermaids pester her for a swim. I was so happy with the turn of events in this book and cannot wait to read the next book!
  • Project ELE on Aug. 10, 2012

    I received this book from the author for a review. At first I was afraid I wouldn't like this story, the first two chapters didn't grab my attention and I thought awe man...but after that things picked up and the characters grabbed ahold of me and pulled me along for a fun-filled and emotional ride. All in all, I love Project ELE! In Project ELE there is a virus killing the earth's population and the UN has pulled down the patches to increase the earth's temperature in hopes of killing the virus. Families are standing in line for days hoping and praying that they are healthy enough to be admitted inside the F.E.M.A. shelter to be protected from the deadly temperatures. Strange things begin happening to Willow and her friends and not everyone can be trusted. ~Tich~