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I’m a Romantic. Loyal. Outspoken. Honest. Sarcastic. Quite honestly, I’m an oxymoron for I’m what I like to call simply-complicated.

I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was 12 years old. I wrote all the time as a way to escape the reality of my home life. Most of my stories would take place in the woods where a group of kids would happen upon a magical cottage where they find refuge, with no one ever discovering their ‘secret’ place. With the gift never being nurtured, and ultimately, having to produce papers in a professor’s voice, when I entered college, I became silenced.

That all changed when I was invited to participate in an anthology with three wonderful women, and brought life back to my pen…my thoughts.

I have not yet settled on one genre of literature. I feel in my heart that it won’t be me that discovers my genre, but my genre that discovers me – and I am 100% okay with that.

There are many authors out there with a lot to say. There are many readers who have already decided on the authors they will give their loyalty to, my only hope is that my words are interesting enough for people to want to add me to their list of favorites.

Smashwords Interview

Q: To start with tell us a little bit about yourself
I am a passionate individual who loves to write, who is obsessed with miniature golf/badminton, and who is a perfectionist. I am addicted to knowledge, and attracted to intellect. There’s nothing sexier than a man who is intelligent…genuinely intelligent. I’m vocal and will defend my point to the death. Anyone in my immediate circle will attest to that. I’m a person who explicates just about everything when it comes to inspirational quotes – or any quotes for that matter. I think people say, and post things all the time just because they sound good without really challenging the words or looking at it critically. I don’t care whose quote it is, I need to fully assess it first before I go, “Liking/Sharing”, or otherwise. Oh! I’m an admitted control freak. And a Leo. I think that’s it. No, wait! I love life and am the kind of person who will come down really hard on myself if I feel like I’ve gone through the day without identifying something different/new about myself and those around me. Weird, huh?
Q: When did you first realize you wanted to become an author?
I’ve known I wanted to be an author since I was 12 years old. I used to write short stories with two primary themes: 1) Walking through the woods with a group of friends and finding a magical cottage with a little old lady inside telling really magical stories about the future. I remember once we got inside her house it would be glamorous and much bigger than it looked from the outside. I was really living a dream through these stories and I saw it metaphorically. It was a picture of how I saw my life at that time, versus what I desired it to be. It was probably, in large, because of my obsession with glamour. 2) I also wrote a lot of stories about kids with invisible friends, though I didn’t have one myself :-) I think I needed one to help curb that overactive imagination.
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