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  • Crush on Oct. 11, 2012

    I loved this book. One of my friends wrote it and I think she has a fresh voice. The word demisexual does not appear anywhere in this book, but put simply, Crush is a love story about 2 men who fall in love in high school and even though they are apart for many years, can't stop loving each other and hoping to meet again. Neither of them have been in love except with each other. Doesn't make them less gay, but they are clearly demisexual. The book is love story I won't soon forget. The story of Tammy and Jamie is painfully honest, violent, deeply disturbing in some spots, very erotic, and wrenchingly hopeful. The only problem I had with it at first was the "villains" of the book not being very developed. Then I thought, how can anyone make a hateful bigot sympathetic or acceptable? I recommended the book to my friends and to anyone.