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  • Doing This ONE Thing Will Change Your Life Forever! on March 31, 2011

    Simply, this book is great! It has to be the best self-development books I’ve ever read! Jacqui offers actual REAL solutions that work, written in an empathetic style that allows the reader to respond to the One simple idea that actually makes the difference. It's so easy to read and Jacqui gives the reader many opportunities to 'connect' with the ONE thing that afterwards seems so obvious. How to really connect through FEELING and the awareness of how to find that feeling is reinforced in a myriad of styles and personal experiences throughout the book, some very humbling, that give insights that lead to a greater inner peace. Many authors offer insights, theories and solutions, but this book cuts to the chase like no other. I couldn't believe that this ONE thing, something this simple could be so powerful. This book IS going to change your life forever! Great read! I feel so excited!