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  • Key To Immortality — Commentary on Gospel of Thomas on Feb. 26, 2014

    This book presents the sayings of the Gospel of Thomas alongside what I would describe as credible and compelling commentary. This gospel charts the course of salvation as a study in interpretation, providing the elixir of life to those for whom the secret of the kingdom is disclosed in the interpretation of Jesus' words. It makes for a fascinating read and a far cry from the established religions that have enslaved humanity for centuries. I am neither an historian nor a theologian, but I do know that history is replete with the purging of materials (including human beings) that are considered inappropriate to a goal at hand. Therefore, it doesn’t seem at all far-fetched to me that writings not expressed in accordance with the canons being advocated by a powerful church would be purged thoroughly enough that only one full manuscript might be later found. This would make that manuscript seem to be of much higher value to truth-seekers (and to me personally) than those sanctioned by religious bureaucrats. Thomas tells us more about the historical Jesus than all of the Dead Sea Scrolls put together and this is a superb presentation of the most important early Christian text discovered in the 20th century. The author provides you with a deeper insight into the meaning of the Gospel of Thomas and I would consider this to be a brave and commendable effort. I would highly recommend this insightful and intriguing read to all those who seek an alternative way of looking at what we call ‘reality’.