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  • A Secure Heart on Nov. 01, 2011

    Secure Heart is a collection of four interconnected stories tied together with family and business ties. Each story follows classic romance format. For Romance fans, like me, that is a positive. (We like our pleasure time reading to have happy endings.) The setting, if not the plot line, of the first two, Flowers and Chocolate are realistic – at least feel plausible. The third and forth get more far fetched with secrete antiterrorist private company. But I have never been one to look for reality in my fun reading. The characters that run though all four stories include a fashion designer raised by hippies, a cross dresser, a set of twins named Bob and Weave, an orphan artist and a security agent seer who is dying. All are quirky, fun and likeable. The plots have just enough twist to keep you reading, but not enough to get you tangled up or stressed. The sex is like the characters – fun, funny at times. It is adult up not erotica. All together Secure Heart is a fun read.