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Mossy Feet Books markets a wide variety of books including travel books, fantasy, science fiction and humor.

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What prompted you to start your own publishing company?
I love to write in several different genres, so I needed a lot of pen names. Starting my own publishing company seemed a logical solution to managing several pen names.
What are you working on next?
An historical novel about my German ancestors emigration to the United States in the 1850's.
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The Sexual Adventures of Slade Billings - Collection 1
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 12,610. Language: English. Published: May 10, 2013 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Contemporary, Fiction » Erotica » Men's Erotica
Slade doesn’t play sports but has no trouble scoring. This collection of five erotic escapades of Slade Billings will entertain and arouse.
Halloween Party
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 63,890. Language: English. Published: June 16, 2012 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Occult, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
The Gatherer rose out of the darkness of the spirit world. Halloween Party is a dark fantasy horror novel that explores the nether regions of the spirit world. A. E. Mableson’s Halloween occult fantasy story will scare your socks off.
American History A Day at A Time - January
Series: American History A Day at A Time - 2015, Book 1. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 38,930. Language: English. Published: December 26, 2014 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Nonfiction » History » American, Nonfiction » History » North America
Have fun and learn history by reading a daily lesson in colonial American history each day. The history series, American History a Day at a Time seeks to make the vast accumulation of historical knowledge less intimidating. It does this by reducing it to a history lesson a day.
The Flea Market Tales
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 74,680. Language: English. Published: March 6, 2015 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Horror » Occult
The old man had treasures to sell and a secret to keep. Ten people buy treasures from the flea market with one common thread. The vendor is a mysterious old man selling off his collection of old stuff. One by one, the buyers discover that their treasure is really a horror in disguise. One scary story after another reveals the old man’s secret. It is a tale of terror that shortens their years so h
Demon Soul
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 29,420. Language: English. Published: December 21, 2012 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Our most vulnerable moment is when the demon soul strikes. The supernatural, occult fantasy fiction thriller, Demon Soul, reveals the depths of depravity present in the supernatural world of the demon. It uses Jason’s body to engage on a murderous rampage.
The Wizard of the Golden Star
Series: Tale of the White Rock Wizard Fantasy Series, Book 1. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 39,250. Language: English. Published: January 6, 2012 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Adventure » Action
The beast Gwaum emerged from the dark forest and devoured Arii’s family. Arii fled into the forest. His uncle Nerza rescued him and raised him. Under the tutelage of his uncle, the wizard Nerza, Arii worked hard to earn the staff and wand of the greatest of wizard orders. His magic quest took him to many lands. He endured many trials to learn the craft and lore required to complete his quest..
The Magic Pipe
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 98,850. Language: English. Published: November 25, 2011 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Urban, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Evil magic made the magic pipe a lure for the unwary. In this dark, paranormal urban fantasy novel, The Magic Pipe, Cecil Barnes enters the dark world of the evil wizard Boaz who sucks out the souls of living men to feed his lust for immortality.
A Visit to the Land of Lincoln, Indiana
Series: Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 9,820. Language: English. Published: June 12, 2015 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Nonfiction » Travel » Camping and RVing, Nonfiction » Travel » By region
Lincoln State Park provides a family friendly vacation destination steeped in Indiana history.
Abe's Guide To The Daylily
Series: Abe’s Guide to the Full Sun Perennial Flower Garden. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 6,050. Language: English. Published: December 20, 2013 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening, Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening
Abe’s Guide to the Daylily is a planting guide for gardeners that wish to grow hemerocallis flowers successfully. It covers cultural requirements, propagation tips, problems and many other topics related to growing the daylily.
Ten Funny Stories Complete Collection
Series: Fiction Short Story Collection Series. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 18,850. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2012 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Fiction » Humor & comedy » General, Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
These ten great funny short stories from master humor storyteller Paul R. Wonning will have you smiling all day. This hilarious compilation contains all the great humor from Five Funny Stories Volumes I and II.
Gardeners' Guide to Growing the Tomato
Series: Gardener's Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden ยท Abe's Guide to Growing Your Vegetable Garden. Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 10,910. Language: English. Published: January 23, 2015 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Gardening, Nonfiction » Home and Garden » Sustainable living
Growing tomatoes in the home vegetable garden is the most common gardening activity. The Gardener's Guide to the Growing the Tomato includes the cultivation information the gardener needs to grow this delightful vegetable in the vegetable garden.
The Alaska Chronicles – Our Alaskan Cruise Adventure
Series: Travels Across America Series. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 39,930. Language: English. Published: April 19, 2013 by Mossy Feet Books. Categories: Nonfiction » Travel » By region, Nonfiction » Travel » Cruises
An Alaskan cruise is a wonderful experience. Taking an Alaskan cruise can be the experience of a lifetime. The Alaska Chronicles –Our Alaskan Cruise Adventure relates our experiences on an Alaskan cruise.

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Smashwords book reviews by Mossy Feet Books

  • The Digital Eye on Aug. 14, 2013
    (no rating)
    I have enjoyed the hobby of photography for many years and still picked up a lot of tips from The Digital Eye. The book is loaded with helpful articles about composition, lighting and technique and is sure to help photographers of all levels. Indoor, outdoor, flash and black and white photograhy are all discussed. There is even a copyright section that details several method photographers can use to protect their work. I would recommend The Digital Eye to all that want to learn to use their digital camera to its full potential.