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Paulette is the author of the Blue Fire series.

I live in central Illinois with my husband, two children, and many pets. With my dog George at my feet, a replica weapon collection and dragon statues around me for inspiration, I'm attempting to combine my own drawings with words to paint the fantasy world of Lagrangia.

Why would a 'full-time worker by day' and 'want-to-be artist by night' write a book series? I have absolutely no idea, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason and, therefore, my insane drive to expose myself to the writing world must also serve a purpose. Only time will tell.

So...if you want to read a simple story about the power of love and friendship written by just an ordinary, average person, give Blue Fire a try. The series won't win any literary awards but, if it helps just one person escape for a few minutes from whatever is troubling them, I'll consider myself a success.

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