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I have been so graciously asked by Darkiss to be a permanent reviewer for DarkissReads. I am really excited about this opportunity to read and review upcoming authors.

I love to read and usually have more than one book on the go at any one time. My taste in novels cannot be confined into a few genre types. I love all different genres, but currently am having a love affair with gritty paranormal/fantasy. My first love; Mike Carey with his Felix Castor series, second would be Simon R Green and his Nightside series. They both really grab my attention and leave me wanting more, while last but not least The Tales of Soloman Kane by Robert E Howard.

You will find many different books on my bookshelf ranging from Fiction, Non–Fiction and the occasional Historical Romance….yes I love Romance. My all-time favorite romance author is from back in the day “Kathleen Woodwiss”. I still have my original copy of her book The Wolf and the Dove, and to this day it captures my imagination and I find myself transported back in time to the invasions of William the Conquer.

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Smashwords book reviews by Rayven

  • Paradox - The Angels Are Here (Book 1) on May 05, 2011

    The world of Angels in which Patti Roberts creates is one of greed, power, sex, control with a bit of conspiracy theory which lays the ground work for the war between good and evil. But who is good and who is evil remains to be seen. Her world of Angels is multi-faceted and for a brief moment I was immersed into their world and presented with very complex and twisted characters and I found myself wanting more. The author has truly created a villain worth reading, he is dark and so very bad that you can't help but want to see more of his dammed soul. The story then catapults the reader 900 years into the future and back on Earth. In which we find a young girl Grace whose life has just spun out of control. As I followed Grace's story I found myself wanting to be back in the world the Angels. The story of Grace took me through a gamut of emotions ; grief, sadness and despair. It almost felt like I was reading two very different books, one that was meant of an older audience with the writing style more intelligent, detailed and descriptions that made the realm of the Angels come alive. Then on to Grace's world where the author was writing to a younger audience, which I found a bit frustrating for I wanted to see more of the Angels stories. I found the supporting characters in Grace's story without depth, except for Grace herself, whose dark emotions and experiences I felt right along with her. Though in hindsight, the feeling of good and evil was very tangible throughout and evident in the different writing styles within the story. There are several sub-plots within the tale that I thought could have been explored more and would have given greater insight to supporting characters. One worthy note I would like to mention is the Author did a fantastic job of catching my imagination and giving me glimpse as to who and what Guardian Angels are. I found her ideas very interesting and I am sure most readers will easily identify with her vision of " Guardian Angels" The book fits into the fantasy realm though it is labeled as teen and young adult. For myself it gave me my first taste of the world of Angels through Patti Roberts eyes and I was not disappointed. All in all a very good read and be prepared for two stories that will come together in what I hope to be a very exciting follow up book " Paradox - Progeny of Innocence" This book is a worthy 4 stars!
  • Dark Waters on Nov. 20, 2011

    Dark Waters by L.E Fitzpatrick truly lives up to its description of " An Epic Pirate Adventure" in every sense of the word. Falling into the fantasy genre it is a unique story that will take you to the dark depths of humanity then to the heights of battles won, along with lots of blood, guts and swashbuckling adventure. This book is definitely for adults and not for the faint of heart. With its fair share of descriptive battle scenes and language that would make your grandmother blush, unless she is woman of the feared Fimorri Pirates! I have always wanted to read a good story about Pirates and Dark Waters was the answer to my prayers. I have read a lot of wonderful books, but this novel grabbed hold of my desire for adventure and took me on a ride that I would gladly do all over again. This story follows Egan Wey, a Fimorri Pirate, Princess Adiah and Brother Fernwick as they battle against Adiah's evil brother Prince Conrad and his sick desire to rule the Islands. Not only are they in a battle for their lives but they are also in a battle for their own sanity. War rages between the pages of this story and these three are caught up in a life or death effort to save themselves and their people. We see the honor of the scallywags as they fight for those they love in their own twisted code of the sea. The Characters in this tale are so well developed that the lines between main characters and supporting characters are blurred. My favorite Character was Egan Wey; there was so much beneath the surface of this pirate. His twisted sense of humor had me laughing and his darkness of soul that could only come from suffering things so terrible that I was in awe of his drive to survive. It is his background that sparks his relationship with Princess Adiah and their understanding of each other. We see a very interesting triangle between Wey, Adiah and Brother Fernwick that is filled with secrets and adventure. The Evil that threatens the Islands affects all walks of life and consumes them, leaving zombie like creatures driven to the point of madness in their quest for "The Red"(a drug). These creatures can be molded into killings machines that cannot be stopped.Truly terrifying stuff! There are crews of supporting characters that add so much to the story, as I said before the lines were blurred as I felt the pain, loss and joy of their experiences. I am very impressed with how the author was able to create such characters and his ability to weave their stories together. The book moves at a very fast pace that halfway through I was amazed that there was more to come. This is not an easy read, for there are many plot lines to follow but this is what moves the story at a breakneck speed to an epic outcome. I have to mention the cover art work by Huw Hedges, who was able to incorporate key points to the story within his illustration, which I thought was brilliant! I was truly sad to see the book end, and I hope there are more stories about Wey and his Fimorri Pirates on the Horizon. I enjoyed this book so much that I want to read it again to make sure I didn't miss anything! So with that said I give this book 5 Stars! 5 Stars!