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Rebecca Foote enjoyed fictional stories and creating art during her youth. Her love for literature continued through childhood with poetry.

Her love for literary works led her through all of Jane Austen's novels and Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Love stories, both sweet and tragic, ignite her imagination and inspire her writing.

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Smashwords book reviews by Rebecca Foote

  • Devil's Eye on Feb. 07, 2011

    Over the weekend, I stumbled upon this great urban fantasy novella. I first downloaded Devil's Eye as a sample, but quickly got interested in the story and had to buy it. I have never read anything by Kait Nolan before, but after reading Devil’s Eye I will definitely look for more of her work. If you love stories about shifters, romance, and adventure than this one is for you. The author wrote the scenes vividly and I found myself deep within the story, especially when it came to the relationship between Mick and Sophie. Their relationship builds at a good pace as the adventure continues throughout the story. Devil’s Eye is the second novella in the Mirus series from Nolan. This was definitely a great novella and I look forward to reading more of Kait Nolan’s work.
  • Vampire General: Intern with the Vampire on April 21, 2011

    Dr. Aline Harman, a smart and devoted second year resident accepts a new job at Grace General, a hospital that treats ‘unique clients’. She was offered the job by Dr. Rocque, but what he specializes in she doesn’t know. At times, his alluring nature makes it difficult for her to keep her mind on medicine which is exactly what she must do. There is mayhem all around as she tries to work her first shift at the hospital, supernatural creatures abound. Weary about what kind of situation she has gotten herself into, Aline must find a way to gather her resolve if she’s ever going to make it in this fast paced and unusual hospital. I enjoyed reading Intern with the Vampire. With the story set in an ER, the scenes moved along at a quick pace. I never knew what was coming next. The writing was descriptive and I noted the medical terminology used throughout. Kit Iwasaki’s bio stated that she had gone to premed school and it shows in several scenes, good details without overdoing it. Intern with the Vampire was entertaining and set to be in series, so there’s more to come. I wonder what will happen next to Aline.
  • Timeless Trilogy, Book One: Fate on Sep. 08, 2011

    Fate is the first book of the Timeless Trilogy series and centers upon the life of Kris Collins, a successful television producer. Her life seems to be coming together professionally and even romantically when Nicholas Evans, a flame from her past moves in next door. But all is not perfect for Kris for she is tormented by frightening visions. She has the gift of precognition: the ability to see into the future, which comes to her through visions and dreams. The dreams only give a glimpse into the future, a fragment at best. I enjoyed the paranormal aspect of this story as well as the suspense. I didn’t know how Kris would survive the twisted serial killer and just had to keep reading to find out. I liked that the solution and ending wasn’t obvious in what would happen. The scenes were well written and descriptive. I loved the banter between Kris and her love interest, Nicholas. The chemistry between them was good and I might have liked to seen a little more happen between them. I also liked the friendship that Kris had with her friends: Cassie and Veronica. Their friendship was closer to a sisterhood and they were likeable and interesting. Her friends are in books two and three of the Timeless Trilogy. This is a great story and I recommend checking it out.