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Roy Hoover was born the fifth of twelve children. The son of a strict and poor Schoolteacher, he was raised in a poverty ridden section of Southern Indiana, where violence was a way of life. His mother was a very loving and religious person that filled the vacuum left by his father, and she persistently encouraged the family to do better. Leaving home at 18, he served with the First Cavalry Division in Korea, volunteered for a covert mission in Southeast Asia, and is an honorably discharged Vietnam-era veteran.

A few weeks after his 20th birthday, Hoover was released from duty with the Army, and returned to Indiana. Three months later, he married the love of his life, Gloria Faye Denney. Although, happier than he had ever been, he could not shake the wanderlust in his soul. He gave up a secure Government job, and moved his family around the USA for a few years, prior to permanently settling in Mesa, Arizona.

Hoover worked more than 60 hours a week to support his family, while making his way through college. He received his BS degree from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, and his Juris Doctor degree from Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, California. During his stay at Pepperdine, he wrote articles for the Law School Newspaper and for the Law Journal. He completed Law School in two years, and worked for a short time with the California Public Defender's Office, prior to returning to his first interest, engineering. As an Engineer, he thoroughly enjoyed his career and involvement with spacecraft, satellites, insulin pumps, and heart pacemakers.

Hoover shared many wonderful years with Gloria, until her battle with cancer ended. Alone and feeling lost, he began to write some of the stories that he had hidden away for a long time. As the dreams and imagination that sustained him during his years of poverty came forth, they began to merge with the memories that dwelled in the backwaters of his soul, and the combination fashioned novels for the happenstance of everyday living.

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Civil War Spy blends action, romance, history, and geography all into a fascinating story reminiscent of Gone with the Wind. To keep up his image as a gallant Confederate Officer, the Spy has become involved with a Woman-of-the-South that provides sustenance to his lonely soul. Frustration and loneliness compels his wife to go find him, and she narrowly misses catching another woman in his bed.

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