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  • The Mariner's Ghost on Oct. 24, 2012

    Fantastic tale of the high sea and the King's Navy and the officers! Well written and a great read for Young Adults as well as Adults. I look forward to more of this authors work in the future. With any luck he will continue with the adventures of young Midshipman John Terrell.
  • Xperiment on June 24, 2016

    Well I spent the last week reading Xperiment and Let me tell you I'm worn out! Not in a bad sense but the book exhausted all my senses, well the ones you can get while reading a well written novel. I say Novel because this isn't just a book it's an experience that in truth is hard to put into words that will do it justice. Dan Skinner in his previous books has explored the innocence of First Love and heartbreak (Memorizing You,) Relationships gone haywire (The Price of Dick) and so many others I've yet to crack the covers. But with Xperiment the tone of the characters is totally different because these characters have many roads to travel and travel they do trust me. The book begins slowly and builds so steadily that you aren't aware of how far you are into the book until your eyes are just too tired to go any further for the evening and your brain and emotions need rest. I refuse to give away any spoilers because I myself so hate having to skim over reviews trying to avoid more than "I simply Loved it!" Take your vitamins, drink plenty of water or tea you will need them. This book is a work of love from Mr. Skinner and it shows in his writing and how he weaves the tale. There was One moment I actually said "NO Dan! NO!" But I won't tell you why as you will just have to go on this journey with all of the characters to see where the story goes. If you like Romance, Science Fiction and suspense "Xperiment" and give it a read!