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Richard M Knittle Jr is a veteran of the US Navy and US Army National Guard with 3 Honorable Discharges, he has also been a member of the PRCA rodeo circuit as a Bull Rider in Southern California. Richard grew up in Simi Valley, Ca., which is just north of Los Angeles where he still has family, he now resides in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

The First in the series is The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth Special Edition

A true epic poetry adventure that takes you on a journey into one mans epic battle against the evils of addiction and the search and fight for his son Ryder who is not of his blood."

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
My fans are the greatest in the world and I really mean that. They are from all over the world I love to meet and to talk with all of them I will make sure to listen to everyone's story in fact after a book signing one evening I stayed until 2 am, They tell me their stories about how they beat addiction or how they fought for their children I am a huge supporter Parents Rights and 50/50 parenting in general I do believe that PAS or parental alienation syndrome is severe mental child abuse. I have fans that come up to me and tell me their stories of sobriety and fight for their children and I listen to everyone no matter where I am at or what I am doing. I have even heard from another fan that said she had given up all hope and saw my tribute to Robin Williams and the many that suffer from depression and said I saved her life by giving her hope, that validated everything I have do to this date for me. Some of my fans are even selling bracelets for a big home coming party we are planning once I am Adjudicated as Ryder's Father and Ryder comes home. I am very blessed and honored to have some great fans!

Writers can engage your Mind with your eyes Poets engage your Soul with your heart!
- Richard M Knittle Jr.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
My writing is healing for me, fans tell me when they read my writings that they feel what i feel from sadness and loneliness to joy, My writing is very much me that is no doubt, everything that is written comes straight my my heart and my soul, I don't hold back. I hear people when they read it how it brought tears to their eye's, well most of the time I am writing the tears are streaming down my face, I am exhausted an emotional wreck when I am done. I write Poetry in all forms and it is all based on my life and my values. The Battle Lost Series is actually a journal into my fight against the evils of addiction and my epic battle to be with my 4th son Ryder whom I raised most of his life on my own while Ryder's mother was living on the street she is a addict of epic proportion and turned away from Ryder the day we took him home so I was extremely bonded to him , After 8 months of her living on the streets or in jail, I let her back into my home so she could get to know him and she took him and bought her way back to her family who had threw them both away like trash over a year ago they would have never let her back to the family without him. I am still in a fight for him in Parker County, Texas in Weatherford.

A writer can take you on a journey with your mind, But a Poet can take you places with your heart that only your soul can find!
- Richard M Knittle Jr.
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The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth
Price: Free! Words: 4,560. Language: English. Published: August 13, 2014. Category: Fiction » Poetry » Epic
A true epic poetry adventure that takes you on a journey into one mans epic battle against the evils of addiction and the search and fight for his son Ryder who is not of his blood.

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