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I could regale you with a biography which would include snippets of my life. I could highlight for you over forty years of both accomplishments and failures. Well, maybe not failures. I’ve never read an ‘about the author’ that included falling out of a tree in their youth.

I have no grandiose yarns to spin here. I am just a guy who has always wanted to be a writer. I have been writing off and on since the age of twelve. What I want to do more than anything is concentrate on delivering you, the reader, quality works. If I can do that, then I believe over time you will come to know more about me than you ever wanted to.

Robert Shroud.

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When did you first start writing?
My introduction to writing came at the hands of my 6th grade Creative Writing teacher, Ms. Newman. I remember having a crush on her. But, then, what 6th grade boy doesn't have a crush on their teacher?
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first thing I ever wrote was a poem about God in the sixth grade. Yes, Ms. Newman's class :) I remember reading it at an assembly, as it was one of the few chosen by her for the honor. It questioned his existence and included the normal ramblings of a confused child. Though I am a somewhat more confident these days of the existence of a higher being, my writing still questions his existence, but now includes the ramblings of a confused adult.
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