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  • Yeshua - Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus on Sep. 04, 2011

    I finished reading this book in one week, although I work ~ 12 hrs a day. When I was reading this book I felt that I was exploring new world, a very exciting and beautiful world. I learned a lot from this book and received logical answers for a lot of questions which were in my mind. And I was very much able to understand the connection between 'Naj Hammadi' Library and the sensored information of life and development of 'Jesus Christ'. Even if this book is a fiction, as the auther says, which I think most of it is not, now I feel that Jesus was a reality and I love him more. It is a great book and it stimulates a lot of thinking and researching which should be done to learn more about the missing years of Jesus. I think that some body and some people wanted to hide this information.