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  • Passion Of The Different on Nov. 20, 2010

    Just finished the first chapter, I'm hooked. Daniel has created the scene, with figures that are intriguing and fascinating at the same time. They way he is describing the scene and personal feelings of the one in focus is done very well. I've been suffering from Amnesia myself, I know what it was like, the fear, questions, etc. Daniel hits the nail right on the spot. I'm already eager to read chapter two, I know I want to read this story, right to the end. Job well done Daniel, you have you first addict ;)
  • Passion Of The Different on Nov. 20, 2010

    I've done it, without a problem. I've read this book in one go, unable to put it down. How to character this book ? It has it's twists, it's exotic places, words/language, it's plots, it's erotic scenes, it's jokes (some made me laugh so much I had to wait 5 minutes before I could read on) There all in place, in the right spot. The plot has it's twists, and sudden unsuspected changes. Daniel keeps surprising it's reader, putting them on the wrong foot. I'm sorry the rating has only 5 stars, because after reading chapter one, I thought is deserved a 5 star. Having read the whole book, I'm convinced a 5 star rating still isn't good enough to rate this book. I'll give it 10 stars! And this is just the beginning. Can't wait till the next book Daniel, you keep amazing me ;)
  • Passion Of The Same on Feb. 19, 2011

    What can I say.... It is always a problem when writing a book/making a film, people expect the second one to be as good as, or even better. Daniel isn't good, He isn't better, he is an experience, blowing you away to a new level, taking you by the hand, and let you experience his story. Daniel keeps surprising you with plot changes in the story, that can have big impacts later in the book. The story doesn't read as science-fiction, it stays true to the first Fantasy part and as romantic as the story is, keeping your fingers crossed while reading, if everything is ending well, and hate Daniel for things that don't go as well. Daniel has, with this second of the passion trilogy, made another entertaining book, filled with love, hate, understanding, misinterpretations, etc. A book of lifelike stories, that could have happened, everywhere. It just happened to be in Daniels imagination, but lifelike written. I'm so very proud to have made the cover for this book. To be able to visualize parts of the story, I've come to enjoy.
  • Passion Of The Unknown on May 06, 2011

    When I started to read book 1 (Passion of the Different) I thought it was just a story, a book to read. Book 1 was good Book 2 was even better Surely he can't do that again, can he ? Yes he did, as I was totally flabbergasted at the end of this book. I was totally wrong. This isn't just the end of trilogy. This is just the beginning of a whole new part of this world, as it is explored. I started to read, and forgot all around me. It sucked me in, I was there, unable to put it down. I'm not trying to spoil it all, you just have to read this for yourself. But believe me, if you haven't read the first two, you can read this one with ease, things you need to know to follow the story will be explained. But if you haven't read the first two books, please do. It will give you such pleasure and familiarize you with the unique writing style Daniel has. Again, Daniel can put you on the right foot, and be pulling you leg at the same time, only to let you realize you were on the wrong foot all the time, thinking you were right. How to sum this book up: Love, romance, explorations to unknown territory, shocking revelations, the end of it all? I hope there will be more stories to be released. As I'm hooked to this place. I'm sure there is much more to find here. But one thing is very clear to me: Love is everywhere you look. Daniel, you amaze me, making me a bigger fan I already am. I want more, much more! Please keep amazing me.
  • Defenders of Valinthia on March 24, 2012

    This book, the first of I hope another trilogy is another favorite for me. This story has a different setting than 'the passion of', but to this is an adventure. The story-setting has a wide base with a lot of characters, with strange beings to our world, but feeling natural on it's place on Valinthia. but not crowding they all have 'room' in the story,as they all have their own specialism, making all characters count. It's a story with lots of humor, (I could tell you a lot about this, but that would be a spoiler) exiting moments and surprises along the way. At the end of the book life goes on, as usual. Some in this book started story-lines will hopefully continue in the next book(s). You 'see' the characters grow, learning 'new ways', doing things they never did before. Some like what they see, some don't, but that's mostly the case in reality. A must have, perfectly to get your mind of things. With a warning: Once you start reading this, you can't put it down easily. :)
  • Rulers of Valinthia on July 24, 2012

    'Rulers of Valinthia', the title suggests that all is well in this follow up of Defenders of Valinthia. But nothing is as it looks, power does corrupt, things that can go wrong will go wrong, as they will battle it out not just for Valinthia but the whole Galaxy. No more Mr. nice guy to the evil sections, peace agreed on when Valinthia was a stake: gone, agreements: crumbled. This time it is war, with the Galaxy as it's grand price. So this is all just war ? No, if you know Daniel, you know there is more to this story, and there is. Lots of humor, lots of fun, lots of magic, music, love and hate. If you have read Defenders of Valinthia, this is a must have, here you will 'see' how the stories behind the scenes develop even further. The story has it Hi's and lows, but never a dull moment. If you think go left, Daniel takes you to the right. A roller-coaster of the highest degree. Written is a 'life-like' style, things do come alive when you read, you are a bystander, but present in such a way you can feel the magic. One of the good things in life, don't miss out on this one.
  • Heroes of Valinthia on Dec. 25, 2012

    When you think you have seen it all, Daniel proves you wrong. As a master of the unexpected Daniel puts you on the wrong foot time and time again. Come a long another thrill ride in the rollercoaster that only rides inside Daniels head. I promise you, it will be another adventure with lots of fast turn, stomage upsetting loops and twists. and lots of 'having to put down the book to get yourself to stop laughing to be able to clean the spilled coffee' humor. The way you know Daniel, but with more surprises, and another look inside the head where this is happening. Another one in my growing library of good books. If there is another trilogy to be put on screen, this is the one!