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  • The Mating (The original Law of the Lycans story) on May 30, 2010

    I'm in line with everyone else...sequel or series should follow this one. Didn't want to stop reading, and then I came to the end...really sad to read those two words! Hopefully more are coming!
  • The Vampire Across the Hall-3. The Exchange on Feb. 13, 2011

    I am loving this series! Each book give a little more information on Daisi and the neighbors. This focuses on Mark and Anna and their children, and I love the twist! I want more! I want more! I want more! Vampires, ghosts, you mix them all and make me laugh. I don't think I'd want to live in the Presidio, but I'd sure love to visit there some day! I am enjoying the author's imagination and writing talent. I want more! I want more!
  • Falling Star on Feb. 25, 2011

    Falling Star was an incredible journey, from the 1960's to the 1990's. I loved how Mr. Chen was able to bring such a wealth of science and history together into a fictional story. Mr. Chen was able to keep the current story moving at a fast pace, while slowly bringing in new and intersting characters like Mike, Martha and so many others. The interwoven storyline with scientific and historical facts kept blending perfectly into a thriller that was hard for me to remember wasn't real. It was impossible not to be caught up in the emotions of the characters, whether at the bottom of the ocean near the Sentinel, the top of the dessert mountain waiting for the sunrise, or rushing from city to city trying to uncover the mole. The story never lagged, the science never bored, the history never wavered. Mr. Chen kept every piece of the story flowing seamlessly and the resulting work was rich with suspense. I found myself holding my breath in anticipation of what would happen next. Every part of Falling Star was believable, well written, and suspenseful. I hope to see the story pick up in a sequel - I cannot imagine leaving Mike, Martha, and the many others without knowing what happens next. Bravo Mr. Chen. Well done!
  • Stray on Feb. 28, 2011

    I found Stray to be a very well written book. The story, while topics at times were very uncomfortable, was a real eye opener. It made me think about my understanding of addictions of all types, as well as mental illnesses. The story also put new understanding on therapt. I hope I will be less judgemental in the future after seeing other viewpoints. Watching Tom from his highs and lows, dealing with those around him, made for a sobering, yet good story.
  • Dark Mercy (Gothic Urban Fantasy: Preternaturals Shorts) on March 07, 2012

    For a short book, this story read like a full-sized novel. Nothing was skimped or shortened for this book. I was afraid to stop reading for fear I'd miss yet another twist or turn in the story. It is always amazing to me how talented authors are able to not only tell their story, but bring you into their world in just a few words. Ms. Winters is one of those talented authors. Was the bad vampire once good, and I should feel compassion for her? Was the priest good, yet I should feel no compassion for his situation? The way Ms. Winters was able to interweave Father Hadrian's story into the Angeline story, into the Tamara story (shhh...the witch is thrown in for more intrigue) was wonderful. I was never sure where I'd be taken next, but I gladly followed. The story kept me on my toes, never once allowing my mind to wander. I think my favorite line in the book was when Angeline told Father Hadrian "You could have been a great vampire, but you had to go and turn out to be good." Priceless! Great story by a favorite author. It really was worth waiting for the book to come out!
  • Special Offers on March 24, 2012
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    This is the first book from M. L. Ryan I had read. I'm so glad I did! The author's story captured me from the very beginning. Her characters developed quickly and except for a very few instances that seemed too predictable or forced, it flowed easily and kept surprising me. I enjoyed the way M.L. Ryan kept the action moving, and I found myself both laughing out loud and holding my breath. Her main character, Hailey, is a wonderful mix of strong and klutzy, and I found her delightful. By the time I finished, I had invested myself into both the characters and the story. I was very pleased to see that there is a book 2 coming soon! Any author who thinks of creating a character who milks chinchillas for cheese, or putting a male soul into a woman, just has to have a great series ahead of her. Her story also made me chuckle as I was reading her story on a kindle - when the "possessed" kindle started all the trouble to begin with. My only question to the author would be, how do you pronounce Xyzok?? More more more, please. If you enjoy Rose Pressy, H.P. Mallory, Debora Geary, or any of these authors, this author should be a must read for you!
  • Dare to Bleed (Book one of the Emily Sullivan Series) on June 15, 2012

    I enjoyed this novel - chocked full of paranormal creatures that were interesting. But the story line never stopped. Normally I love the constant action and twists and turns the author takes me, but the story seemed to bounce a little too much. The characters were interesting, and the author has a real talent for describing hot male men, but every other page seemed to have one of them having a hissy fit or emotional melt-down. How many times can someone explode and then two minutes later forgive and get all lovey? I felt there could be just a little more background to the main characters as well. BUT even with these issues, I rated this book as 4-star. It kept me quickly turning pages, holding my breath during the twists, and never could guess where the author was taking me. I did enjoy and look forward to the next book. The story took me away from reality and into a fantasy world that I was sorry to leave. I wanted to run out to a 7-Eleven just to check out the customers! This story has a little of it all - fantasy/paranormal creatures, romance, suspense, mystery, murder and mayhem - plus a fun BFF and an obnoxious frenemy. You just can't beat that mix!