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Samantha LaFantasie currently resides in Derby, Kansas with her three children, husband, and dog rightfully called Fido.
She's a wife and mom by day and fantasy writer by night.
Stay up to date with her projects by visiting her site at or visiting her on Facebook: Samantha LaFantasie, Fantasy Writer.

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  • Olly on Nov. 16, 2012

    I have to say that erotic romances are easy to cheapen and over do. Some feel that it is a necessary need to go overboard with details and sensations turning the potential for a good erotic into a paper version of a porn. This author didn't do that, and that's why I love this novella. It has enough details and sensations to let the imagination remain in control. Then the author weaves in a sweet story line that makes you keep guessing until the very end. (SPOILERS) A steamy story where a writer is discusses her lesson in love 20 years later in a diner. As she explains to the woman, who wanted to interview her regarding a story written, we learn of the difference in lust, love, and obsession. First was an obsession, and then came lust, finally, love. All three stories are jam packed with passion, desire, and sex. It ends sweetly and with the promise of love healing all of life’s hurts. Hidden beneath the folds of an erotic novella is intimate story of love and sacrifice. Olly, the name given to the character that taught Livia Rae how to love and what love really was, was the last person she expected to fall in love with. After all, he was married and she had her fill of married men. She was wanting more than just a friend with benefits, she wanted an emotional connection and married men couldn’t provide that. But on a chance meeting, after spending three years talking nearly every morning, Olly found Livia and from there a heated passion ignited a flame of desire within her even she couldn’t ignore. And in the midst of this somehow, she learned to love and Olly loved her in return. Circumstances and, according to Livia, fate intervened through violence wreaking havoc through the country as an economic downturn and ripped them apart. Thanks to Devin, the woman who wanted the interview, Livia and Gage (Olly), were reunited as he lied on his death bed. Finally where they were meant to be, Gage and Livia reconnect and agree to never live another day apart. This review will be available on other sites as available, including Amazon, Goodreads, and my site. *A copy was given in exchange for honest review.*