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Smashwords book reviews by Saskia Holditch

  • Dirty Little Angels on March 02, 2012

    I didn't know what to expect with this title. The main character is 16, and people around her have their problems and their way of dealing with it. Though not an angel herself, she does try to do right with the world - while fully aware that the way to do it is not right at all. A bit dark, but compelling enough to make you want to find out how it ends.
  • Omegasphere on April 15, 2012

    A fast paced novel, reminded me of a Stephen King novel - who to trust, how to escape/survive. It held enough suspense. I would have liked a more in-depth look at the main characters, some more background perhaps to associate more with Kurt and the others.
  • Kings & Queens on May 21, 2012
    (no rating)
    I received the book through Library Thing. Let me first say I was warned it was for young adults, and I am not the target audience. It is action packed, and moves along quickly. It is written, I guess, as a modern young adult would think, and I just didn't enjoy the language or rather wording. I think the target audience may enjoy it a lot more.