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Smashwords book reviews by Scandigirl

  • The Torans of Andor 'Out of Time' on Nov. 20, 2013

    A really good read and so much going on, but the simplicity of the writing makes it easy to follow. I can remember making some wrong turns out of fear, throughout my life so far, and that is how we learn. Time traveller, Peter, reflects how we all go through that in each changing phase of our life and I love his perceptions and the way he grows from dealing with each obstacle. I agree with Bess Torman, this and a few more to follow (hint, hint), would make an amazing series on film. I absolutely disagree with thiotes! This book leaves a lot to your imagination, it doesn't spell out every twist and turn explaining why particular things went on, rather allows you to use YOUR imagination to picture and understand what the hero is going through. I rather think you did miss the point - how fear often determines the choices we make and what we do with that. Bring on another book!