Sergey Skudaev


I was born in Siberia, an eastern part of Russia. Irkutsk is my home city where I lived until 1991. The population of the Irkutsk city numbers about 700,000. A cultural and scientific center of the Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk, is located in 40 miles from the Baikal Lake. Baikal Lake is the greatest lake in the world with fresh water. Mountains surround the Baikal Lake. The nature of Siberia is very beautiful.
In 1974, I was graduated from Irkutsk State University with master's degree in biology and qualification of teacher in biology and chemistry. After graduation from the university, I was hired by the same university and performed researches in the brain physiology while teaching neurophysiology.
At the same time, I started to write poems that were published in the local newspapers and magazines.
In 1991, I immigrated to USA. In New York, I attended BMCC and earned AS degree in computer science. For 20 years in US, I worked as a laboratory technologist, an instructor of a private computer school, a web developer and a software quality control specialist.
At present time I live in Florida.

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