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Smashwords book reviews by serrana

  • Know Not Why: A Novel on June 13, 2012

    A really sweet story about getting your act together. Recommended.
  • Good Intentions on July 30, 2012

    Adolescent male wish-fulfillment fantasy in which a stereotypical "nice guy" who can't get laid gets a magical demon girlfriend who magically gets him laid. If that's your sort of thing, you'll probably think this is great; if you think a teenaged boy putting the whammy on girls who would never sleep with him before and magically getting into their pants is dubious consent at best and rape at worst, you'll find this as yucky as I did. Not least because the characters (and I suspect the author) seem to be aware that what they're doing is sketchy...and they spend a lot of time self-justifying. Here's a hint: if it's moral action, you don't have to have page after page of dialogue explaining WHY it's moral. Although the amorality does bring us the great line, "Thinking with your cock hasn't gotten you into trouble once yet." Which is really kind of genius, in a deeply screwed-up way. If you like the idea of a story where a guy thinking with his dick gets rewarded, hey, this could be the novel for you. The proofreading is basically good, which is why I gave it the third star. It's complete sentences, in English, and it's got screwing in it, and if you're into demons-made-them-do-it dubcon, you will feel like you got your three bucks worth. If you were looking for actual comic fantasy with an actual plot and no rapeyness, you will be unimpressed.
  • The Eternal Dungeon: a Turn-of-the-Century Toughs omnibus of historical fantasy novels on Aug. 03, 2012

    I always hope, when I'm reading small press/self e-published stuff, that I'm going to find stories that are great stories but not going to be commercially released because they're too idiosyncratic to fit into a publisher's framework, and that's exactly what the Eternal Dungeon stories are. They're complicated and thoughtful stories about sadists coping with social change, and I have enjoyed spending the last week reading them. I will also note, for folks who are as gore-averse as I am, that although this is a series about torturers they're not what I'd call torture-porn -- the characters are thinking about the morality of what they're doing, and their reactions to what they're doing (indeed, sometimes they think about it in more detail than I think they really need to....)
  • The Three Lands: an omnibus of fantasy novels set in the Great Peninsula on Aug. 20, 2012

    Quite good stories and I am eager to read the next one. Despite the length of this collection, this is definitely not a series that's complete, and there are a lot of questions yet to be answered!