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  • Stolen Love: Song of the Sídhí #3 on Sep. 25, 2011

    Stolen was a really enjoyable book. The story between Katrina & Eric was wonderful and there was an interesting story plot as well. I loved the world that the author wrote about, as there was a mixture of different elements in the book. There were vamps, ghouls, trolls and the whole lot. In this story Katrina comes of age before her best friend Eric & realizes that she is his mate. While waiting for Eric to come into his adult vampire body, Katrina's arch enemy claims him as her mate and the story goes from there. I thought there would be more of a revenge plot at the end of the book, but I still enjoyed it. I highly recommend this book. It's a wonderful additional to the young adult paranormal romance genre.
  • Fourteen Days Later on Oct. 05, 2011

    Oh this book was just awesome. I loved Helene...poor accident prone Helene. Attempting to get over her ex-boyfriend Justin, Helene's best friend puts her on a 14 day challenge that is suppose to change her life. During the challenge, she comes across the weirdest of men and slowly start to realize that she is in love with Kalem, her best friend's brother. There were just too many funny lines in this book to count and I cracked up through the whole thing. Don't where to tender moments too, but the funny outweighed them. I have a heap of favorites in this one, but the best one was when Helene goes on a date with a doctor who has bald head & her friends father suggest he rubs goat poo on his head to get his hair to grow...LMAO!!!! It was too much. I highly enjoyed this book, it was kinda like a Bridget Jones Diary...but way more funnier. If you are looking for a hysterical romantic comedy, this is it! As Helene goes through the motions of trying to find Mr. Right, in the end she realizes what she thought was perfect man isn't exactly what she needed in the end. This one gets 5 Black Orchids.
  • Bound to Remember on Dec. 04, 2011

    See my review here:
  • Johnny Living Dangerously on Dec. 08, 2011

    Absolutely loved it. CJ, you have a fan here. The story was just to good and hot not to finish. Also loved how there were mixture within the story too.