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  • Crushed on Nov. 11, 2011

    *Contains a MINOR spoiler about Zach* I don't normally like this sort of book, but the author was kind enough to give me a free copy and I thought I'd review it. I guess I'll call the book a "paranormal romance" --- please forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm not a big fan of the limits of the genre and am therefore unfamiliar with its limits --- but you get the idea. It centers on three sisters in high school who have magical powers, and the games they play with those powers. Incidentally, I like the seamless way the author handled the girls' methods of "damage control" --- how to prevent their powers from being discovered, or getting out of hand. I genuinely believed that these girls, despite their youthful impulsiveness, could genuinely get away with what they were doing. If you like stories that lead you by the hand at a leisurely pace, this is not for you. But for someone like me, it worked wonders for my antipathy to the subject matter. As the girls flit through school about their business, I felt like I was there too. Specifically, I felt like a fifteen-year-old who had just arrived at a brand-new high school, being whisked around from place to place by teachers and classmates --- some of them friendly, others not so friendly --- and having no idea who I'd end up liking, who I could trust, or what I should do. There wasn't any ticking-clock, gun-to-your-head kind of suspense, it was more of a oh-no-something's-about-to-go-wrong kind of suspense. I wasn't exactly impressed with Zach being a supposed "bad boy" --- his protective attitude toward his sister gave away the show pretty early that he wasn't "bad", and all in all he struck me as kind of wimpy --- but it didn't matter! I saw why he did things, what he was afraid of, and why girls found him charming. Given the heavy-handed parenting strategy of the girls' father, I think their standard of what constitutes a "bad boy" would include Zach. The reactions between Kristen and Zach may be reactions I would scorn in real life --- but they felt real to me as they happened. In short, this author has taken aspects of plot and character that I usually find irritating --- and somehow managed to turn them into strengths. I think she did this primarily through her mastery of pace. If you like this genre, and you like the story's premise, and you want it fast-paced, I think you'll like this.