Linda Poort


We proudly present to you the very first city walk of Skopje!

'We' are two Dutch women, both married to a Macedonian man. We would like to show all visitors the best sides of our current country of residence, Macedonia. We started relatively easy, with two city walks though the Skopje city center. We are planning to develop more (city) walks in the future. Come back soon!

Explore Skopje in your own time, without a guide. Learn about the sights you see, in your own pace. Skopje City Walk offers two self-guided city walks through Skopje. One walk guides you through the old town and the other navigates through the modern part of the city center. This brochure includes a map. The printed version of the Skopje City Walk is available for purchase in the city center of Skopje.

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