Jim Autio


As a polite polemist, I dabble in human studies and other things that catch my fancy, combined with an exploration of ideology as a hobby and American politics as a passion. Fate was gracious with me, being fortunate enough in having avoided the indoctrination process of higher education (some people are just lucky I guess). My wife calls me the ultimate tweeker, because I am forever changing things (I prefer to think of it as a devotion to excellence [wink]). Along with a stamina for dogged research, my only real talent seems to be an ability to reason out ideological arguments to political situations.

For the last forty years liberalism has incrementally eroded every American’s freedom to manage their own life as they see fit. My goal with the Nuclear Counterarguments book series is to reestablish the liberty to direct one’s own life as a core value in America.

Why do I care about America? Because America is the only hope for the world. If it succumbs to collectivism, the world will be doomed to an eventual dystopia, because there is no other country of consequence who can defend and promote individual liberty.

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