Steampunk Anthology I


Nick Valentino:

Nick Valentino's Steampunk beginnings started with his first novel, Thomas Riley which met a notable amount of success and fan fair. Taking him all across North America, Valentino found a spot in the red-hot culture of gears and brass. From there he's written a number of Steampunk short stories featured in some of the largest and most popular anthologies of the genre. His stories reach across the Steampunk universe, encompassing Weird West, Steampunk Horror, YA Steampunk, Victorian England, Magic versus Machine and now international Steampunk. Valentino's thirst for storytelling and fierce touring landed him a nomination of best Steampunk book of 2010 for Thomas Riley and guest spots across the US at many of the world's largest conventions.

Sean Hayden:

Born the son of a fire chief, Sean Hayden naturally developed a love of playing with fire. Quickly he learned to find other outlets for his passion for trouble. Writing is his latest endeavor.

His first novel, Origins, was born three short years ago. An urban Fantasy/Horror about vampires and demons did little to quell his desire. Quickly he wrote the sequel, Deceptions.

Comfortable with the vampire theme, he ventured into the world of Steampunk and penned, Lady Dorn, a Steampunk/vampire novella and has plans to continue her saga as well.

Then came his introduction into YA. He was asked to write a series of Steampunk short stories designed to introduce the genre to a younger audience. Having never written YA before, Sean wisely sought the help of his eleven-year-old son, Connor. Together they dreamed up the world of The Magnificent Steam Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus series.

Sean recently started a new series entitled Soul Survivor on his own intended for YA readers as well. The first novel, My Soul to Keep is finished and he is currently seeking representation for it.

Sean currently lives in Florida as a fiber-optic engineer as well as an author. He has grand designs on world domination as well as a starring role in his own television sitcom.

Elizabeth Valentino:

Elizabeth Valentino is a multi-published Steampunk and paranormal romance author.

In her childhood years due to a strict family she wasn't afforded the luxury of exploring the world of young romance. So it was no surprise when at the age of eighteen she struck out on her own in search of adventure. It was in these early adult years she became an avid reader of romance and noticed younger authors were a minority in the genre. This drove her to learn more about the world of romance and write her first novel.

Nowadays when she is not painting her nails black or lacing up her corsets she loves weaving all the dark and twisted paranormal facts she digs up into sexy, action packed stories.

She also enjoys making her own Steampunk clothing, by repurposing old and over-loved pieces. She frequently travels around the country bringing tidings of corsets and goggles as she sells her books and spreads the good news of Steampunk, one book at a time. You can find her on-line at or watch for her to appear in a city near you!

Jennifer Williams:

Jennifer Williams is a fantasy and horror author from South East London. She started her career by making up scary stories to frighten her school friends in the playground, and when this inevitably attracted the ire of certain parents she took to writing them down instead. These days the stories are rather longer and contain fewer bloodthirsty rabbits, but writing is still her favourite pastime. She is currently busily editing her first science-fiction novel, Dead Zoo Shuffle, and planning a horror novella. No rabbits so far.

These days she lives in one of the more excitingly eventful bits of London with her partner and their cat, and when not frowning at notebooks in pubs and cafes her spare time is often spent gesticulating wildly at her Xbox. After six months of experimentation she has finally figured out how to order the perfect coffee from her local coffee shop, and considers this a significant achievement.

Jennifer also co-hosts the Box Room Podcast and blogs about things like horror films and fandom at


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