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  • Bird of Prey: A Horror Novella on Dec. 10, 2011

    I was given access to this e-novella by the author via For the first half of the novella, I found myself distracted by errors in grammar and punctuation, a few cliches (such as tripping at the worst possible moment) and some discrepancies or things that didn't seem clear to me (example - POSSIBLE SPOILER: a creature with a 30' wingspan and eyes the size of footballs that can leave silver dollar-sized puncture wounds in a human can have one of it's talons broken off by same human? I found that hard to believe). The first half of the novella didn't grip me at all, although of course I was interested in seeing where it went. The second half of the novella is where the real action starts, of course. I was a bit more interested here despite the cliches of (POSSIBLE SPOILER) ladder rungs breaking, a shooting to avoid being taken alive and a resulting argument over whether said victim is alive or dead. However ... (EXPLICIT SPOILER!!) ... we know this story. It was written and directed in 1986 by a certain J-- C--, starring a certain 6' tall female protagonist called R--. We have a group of people who intentionally enter a space that's dripping goo and where bodies lying about. Yes, you know exactly what follows: the monster in question is a female with tons of babies just ready to hatch and latch onto the individuals in the group, there is a certain elevator scene, there is a certain detonation countdown, there is a member of the group rescued with T -6min. left, there is a "supernova" and a pissed-off monster-mother. All that's missing is that classic, well-known, much-beloved line: "Get away from her, you b----." That surprised me - I would have bet money it would be here in some form. What stands out for me with this novella is, obviously, the similarity to another story. Perhaps that's also half the fun ... I found myself cheering and laughing when I correctly guessed what would happen next. There are, certainly, those standard characters, qualities, and events that must appear in this kind of story, whether it's in writing or on film. There's a vague outline or formula to follow which is, I suppose, based on what we've come to expect whether we are consciously aware of it or not. I give it 3 stars for "Liked it."
  • The New Death and others on Feb. 05, 2012

    Delightful! Magical and mesmerizing, this is a collection of short pieces in various styles that will be familiar to all: short stories, fireside tales, poems, ditties, commentary. The range of emotion presented and evoked is very satisfying. I laughed out loud, I giggled quietly, I shed tears, I was swept away to a time long ago and a place far away. Nothing boring here - all will move you emotionally in some way. My favorite pieces were the long tales that made me feel as if I were sitting at a desert campfire under the stars, listening to the archetypal Old Storyteller speaking of myths and legends, as well as the shorter pieces that were heartbreakingly poignant and/or bittersweet. This collection should have a wide range of appeal, from lovers of fairy tales to pop culture critics to goths and vamps and steampunks. There is also a curious revelation for the reader to uncover - this collection is not so much about Death as it is about _________. What is the connection? Read it and find out.
  • Cum For Bigfoot on March 09, 2012

    Turned out to be a bit different than expected, but I sure am glad I purchased part 2 cuz wooooo-baby I needed more!! I may have to take a little hiking trip soon. :)
  • Cum For Bigfoot 2 on March 09, 2012

    After reading part 1, I was so glad I also purchased part 2 at the same time! I've always been afraid of Bigfoot. Now I'll be looking at him in quite a different way. :)
  • Winter Nocturne on July 04, 2012

    Beautifully written. So refreshing to read paranormal erotica that doesn't come off silly, too over-the-top, or proceeding as if it's a comic book for 12-yr-old boys. This free book is worth more than all the other paranormal stuff I've paid for here. I'm very impressed.