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An Autobiography of the Author Sunil Palaskar
आस नव उन येईल,Thus there shall come new sunlight in the form of Sunil Palaskar
आस नव येईल,There shall be busting for every earth habitat due to arrival of suneel on this earth
लाश नवीन व्हईल,The corpses shall also get energy ,than why not ordinary human?
जिवन येईल,There shall be new life style which is based on non-greed and total renounceness shall start on this earth,everybody live for the others,there shall be huge reduction in every bodies greediness
लसून सोलेल,जश्न सजेल,There shall be reduction in un-necessary expences,people will curtail their cost of living and give food to the have-nots,so every body shall be happy,people will enjoy life with lesser expences.
लवंग येईल, जेवणं व्हईल,There shall be less food ,but every body shall be happy on this earth,since their stomach shall be filled with the food of renounceness,the satisfaction- food shall feed their empty stomach,and make they feel as if they had full stomach-food.
लहान येईल, जहॉ इलम जानेल,The sunil shall born in poor middle class family,but he will learn all world’s total knowledge.
लम्हा लम्हा येईल,जिम्हा जिम्हा घेईल,The sunil shall take his own time, but he will slowly and steadily, take total burden and responsibility of this world.
लई येल घेईल, जय जय व्हईल, The sunil shall in no hurry,but surely he will rule the world, with his godly thoughts,later people shall cherish him.
लाभ नये येईल, The sunil shall bring new godly benefits to this presently demonic controlled earth,so the earth resources shall be properly distributed,and people shall become happy.
जूबान नई येईल,The sunil shall bring new Gods language to this earth,and people shall learn the language,people shall appreciate the new language, they widely speak the language,Let the language own inbuilt non-greedy software shall clean them througly,so after learning the Gods own language the ordinary person can turn to God/goddess
लाम्बुन लोक येईल,The people will search, where sunil lives, they become followers of sunil’s thoughts and come to visit sunil from far away places.
जमून लई,नई भान नेईल,There shall be groups of people to visit sunil,and after listening to his godly lectures,people shall get new conscious and awakened and enlightened of minds.
आला क्षण, जश्न व्हईल,The people shall enjoy every moment on this earth,since every one will try to wipe the tears of the others,so their shall not be sorrow left on this earth.all the oceans shall be replaced with the satisfaction tears,istead of distressed tears.
आई लाख सोनं येईल,There shall be lacks of sons and daughters ,to cheer the thoughts of sunil.
जल्लोष व्हईल, लवून येईल,Their shall be lot of divali festivals across the globe,since people has learned how to take care our mother earth,and save environment clean,so there shall not be polluted earth,every body shall get full quoata of oxygen, for their lungs,their brain shall get full oxygen ,so people shall come out from the symptom of less oxygen symptom,the less oxygen changes your thinking from godly to danavic. that is the main reason ,why the people staying in metros are more danavic ,than their rural counterpart.that mistake sunil will start correcting. So even the metro rich people shall surrender their excessive wealth to the poor and get rid of the wealth fat collected in their bodies/family.
जवान व्हईल, लानत येईल, Their shall be youth followers,and suffered people to visit sunil
जन्नत नेईल, कोणी येईल, Their shall be people feel that, as if heven has arrived on this earth.people will face the demise and new birth equally,but shall not bother about the birth-death cycle created by the Maratha God,people shall agree that the death is also necessary to keep the earth young and beautiful,since people like to see the fresh beauty of flowers,no body likes to see the stale flowers.(jannat =jaan ann t yeil=O my dear food shall come,jaan panni t yeil=O my dear water shall come,jannat=jaan danni t yeil=O my dear houses shall come,jaan bhaan t yeil=O my dear new wisdom shall come)
कोणी जाईल, लाख नवे लोक येईल,The life death cycle shall continue ,but the people will always get cherished by the thought of suneel
झोकून येईल, थकून येईल, पकून येईल,The drunkard ,the tiered,the sufferes shall come to sunil.
दुखून येईल, भूकं येईल, खपून येईल,The heart broken,the hungry,the miserable shall come to the thoughts of sunil and they shall get the
जान नई नेईल, असणं येईल, नसण येईल,The people shall get extra boost to their miserable life, by reading and following to the books wrought by sunil.
उसणं येईल, सुन्न येईल, The loan borrowers but now worried by the death theat and tortured by their money-lenders’ recovery agents shall come for healing.
मसणं येईल, येसणी (व्यसनी) येईल,The living people but staying in hell ,their life is nothing but living corpses, shall come,the excessive drunkard,the druggist people shall come to sunil for healing.
जान नई नेईल, अन्न येईल, उणं येईल, The people shall get extra life,they shall get the food,they will get the money required for their lively hood.
ॠण येईल. उर्जा येईल, जलम जलम येईल, जलजला येईल,The people shall get their loan installment ,energy shall come,the energy shall be continous, not for this birth but for the next several birth, sunil shall give that energy,so their shall be earth shaken by the sunil’s work.
झोल झाल येईल, The weaked people shall misuse the public fund and put blame on sunil,but later sunil shall come out clean handed.
मान येईल, सन्मान येईल, The people shall give respect to sunil ,they shall give mark of respect to sunil in public functions.
मौन येईल, नमन येईल,नमवून येईल, The sunil shall keep silence,people shall pray to sunil,some people sunil shall punish, but they shall come to sunil after they get repented.
अपमान येईल, अडाणी येईल, some people shall insult to sunil by their illetercy or misunderstandings.
अख्यान येईल, उद्दान येईल, Their shall be public discources by sunil in heavenly gardens.
नाद येईल, उन्माद येईल, There shall be music systems,band and cheer dances.
विषाद येईल, निषाद येईल, There shall be guilty feeling,theift of money but sunil shall recover from the bad patch of life.
उसण येईल, असणं, नसणं येईल, The people will borrow money from sunil,they shall repay, while some people will not repay,some time sunil may not have money for daily expences.
अन् व जग म्हणेल सोनू येईल, सोनं येईल,The people will come on streat and shout they want sunil ,they require suneel,they need sunil.
सुनणं येईल, जगणं येईल, sunil shall hear every bodies voice,and give proper judgemaent.
जनणं येईल, जलम येईल, सुजल व्हईल The sunil shall get children,sunil shall again born and die several times, until the water is properly distributed.
सुनील व्हईल, जग सही सही व्हईल, The sunil shall come and he will make the world proper,the god does not have doubt about sunil’s ability.
देव वाणी येईल, The language of Gods and goddesses shall come and the language shall spread at the rate of mushroom.
जगी सुनील वाणी व्हईल (जगभर सुनीलने शोधलेल्या मराठा भाषेचा प्रसार होईल), The world shall speak only in the gods maratha language reinvented by sunil.
शान येईल, शान व्हईल, The sunil shall get fame and mark of public icon.
सुन्न येईल, शाणे होईल, The dull people shall come and will become wise
काणं येईल, पावन व्हईल, The deaf shall come he shall be benifieted.
धन येईल, धान येईल, खाणं येईल, The wealth,grains,food shall come.
जगणं व्हईल, लग्न व्हईल, The sunil shall live his life ,he shall be get married.
आस नव नीळं नीळं नभ सुनील जळं लाभून, The sunil shall work in watersupply department as an engineer,and people shall get satisfaction after drinking cool potable water.
पिऊन, न्हाऊन जग जगवून, तहान भागवून, नवी येल, वेल सजवील, The people shall drink water and remain alive,thus sunil shall reset the earth and cosmic time again, so the time error shall be removed,the people shall get benifitted,people sorrow minimized,the new earth time start ticking with great energy.
जग गुणगाणं गाईल, The human world shall become follower of suneel’s thoughts.
जगणं वायलं शिकवील, The sunil shall teach the world, a new perfect life style,so their shall not be corruption on this earth.
शनै, शनै, येल जवळ येईल, लाश सुनील व्हईल, The sunil shall die when time comes for his demise,no body should feel sorrow,since sunil will not leave you,until the last corpse of danav is killed and eaten.
जल्मोजल्मी सुनील जलम (जन्म) व्हईल, The sunil shall come again again on this earth,after death of sunil ,until the last danav killed by the hands of sunil,sunil shall also possess another body and live in the newly acquired body for several years as if he is non-dead.
जनजीवन सुजलाम, सुफलाम व्हईल, The sunil shall give water to people for drinking and horticulture,farms,so the happiness shall be spread everywhere.
लय सोसेल, साहिल, आसवं पीईल, The sunil shall suffer lot ,since ordinary suffering makes a person a saint,however sunil shall suffer 100 times more suffering than the suffering required to become ordinary saint, Only 100 times suffering that makes your promotion from saint-hood to God,sunil shall suffer upto the limits of God,and one day people shall declair sunil as God. After becoming God, sunil’s suffering will not end; he will go on drinking the distress tear of needy people.He will suffer lot until the extreme limit of sufferings record broken down.
देह जन सेवेसी व्होईल, राहील, The sunil shall die, but his soul shall remain here for the survice of mankind.
अस हाऊ नव येईल, शनी येईल, This is how your father, shall come again again, O earth dwellers.
जिईल, जाईल, आलं अस, The sunil shall come again and again get killed by danavs,he will kill the danavs,until last danav is wiped from the earth. Sunil shall take rebirth again and again, repossess the other human bodies again and again, reincarnate again and again.After the danavs cleansing job is over, the sunil soul shall rest in heavenly abode,with heavenly Gods and goddesses, until next breed or generation of danavs crop up.
सुनसुन, आस येईल, उसन सोन येईल, The sunil shall come in silence ,hopes shall come ,cherishment shall come.
जाळलं सोन न्हईल, The sunil shall take the burnt bodies (In gods language human body or corpse is called gold or sonu or son)
सुनील शाल- शहाळ न्हेईल, The sunil shall be the ultimate winner against the war against danavs ,and always overpower the danav and kill and eat the danavs and accepts the greetings of common man.
शिव शक्ती नवी येईल, नवा शोणं (सूर्य) येईल. Thus how the power of lord shiva along with the power of mother shivai shall come ,thus how the new sun in the form of sunil,shall always come for rescue of earth, from the danavs cluthes ,to save the mother earth, the new sunil-sun(son) shall always come,whenever mother earth needs him

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Series: Dev Marathi shabd kosh, Book 2. Price: Free! Words: 19,220. Language: English. Published: August 4, 2013 and represented by Sunil Palaskar. Category: Fiction » Literature » Religious
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