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There is something special and truly satisfying after reading a good book.
Writing however may not be every ones lot. Even so it has its rewards.

This authors writing first started off as a hobby after completing a course in “Creative Writing” which provided the impetus to put down thoughts and feelings into words.

From there it then developed into “Journal Writing” and further self- discovery in expression of lifelong interests such as metaphysical and spiritual health subjects.

Then about six months after completing my first draft of a 600 page piece on spirituality that took me almost 3 years to write I wrote a book on meditation and had it printed.

Following on in turn came many articles and the “Extra Mind Awareness” series books online.

The latest publication is a recreation based on the work above about spirituality however now more as a work used for reference points and trigger inspirations for further spiritual fiction stories, which is the sub genre that the latest book was written under, and in the process been most rewarding and somewhat supportive in journeying further onwards from non fictional work, into the writing world of fiction where the benefit of myth and story, and spiritual fact have yielded further adventure and insight.

Being an author is a great way to contribute to the community while doing something enjoyable along the way.
Writing is good for the soul and can provide every opportunity for an author to engage in other pursuits which support their writing also.

My personal view as a bit of advice to anyone who wants to become a writer is if one has the time and inclination to write and hears a call for it, then by all means let nothing stop you from pursuing it further. It may very well take you to new horizons undreamt of before.

Otherwise alternatively as a reader take a look at what we have written for you in the books below. You may find something special in them that catches your eye, or perhaps answers a deep rooted question, or otherwise simply delights having read a good story, or acquired knowledge worthwhile, to add to your list of spiritual values and life journey.

cordially yours
the Author

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