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I am an 'accidental' novelist, as my first novel grew from a request to write an article for a local magazine, and no-one was more surprised at that than me. A former actor and a life-time animal nut, I now live in rural East Sussex with my husband and assorted rescued animals, 3 dogs and 6 cats at the time of writing.
I would like to to thank all the readers of Lillian’s Story,One Women's Journey through the 20th Century, my first novel, for their support and encouragement.
Since publishing my second novel,The Sweetest Empire on Smashwords, I have been thrilled both with the number of downloads and the feedback I have received. The phrase 'I had no idea' has come up repeatedly, from both sexes which illustrates how far female emancipation has come, I reckon.
Like most writers, my main concern is that my books should be read, so I have decided, with the publication on this site of Painting by Numbers, my third novel, that all my books will be offered free to download for a time. I would ask you, gentle reader, if you enjoy one or any of them to tell your friends and/or post a review saying as much. Thank you.

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