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  • Just Enough on March 12, 2012

    It was a great read not knowing where the story was going until the very end. Just Enough kelp you hanging on wanting to know to more of the man’s life, his family who were they, what happened to the guy? How did he get to where he was in his life? I would definitely like to read more of Just Enough.
  • Children of the Gods - A Chosen Novel on April 30, 2012

    I would like to thank the author Monica Millard for posting her book Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel) in the group The Nexus in the discussion topic Authors Requesting Reviews on Goodreads for review and allowing me to read and review it. Reka a seventeen year old girl lived inside the City of the Gods. Everyone outside of the city thought they lived a perfect life never wanting for nothing, having all of their needs met. But they were so wrong inside the city they had no freedom, the one thing that they wanted the most. The gods told them what kind of music they could listen too, what foods they could eat. They lived a life of fear. A very long time ago Reka's village was very poor. They never had enough food to feed everyone to keep them from starving. The Holorans came to them pretending to be gods, they were aliens. The Holorans promised them that they would take care of them and no one would ever be hungry ever again. They promised them the moon. What did they ask for in exchange for providing their ever need, want? They asked that they give their children to them so they could use their bodies as host for the Holorans. On the night of the choosing everyone that was the right age to be in the choosing all lined up in their rows. Reka was one of the chosen. They took her away to her new home which was a ship. Reka was so terrified when they reached the ship and the doors started to slide open that she almost fainted. Upon entering the ship she learns that she will be the host body to their queen. They place an alien worm inside of her that is the queen. Reka is a very strong person; she is the stronger of the two between her and the queen inside her body. This is not normal; the queen is supposed to be the stronger of the two with Reka only being an annoyance inside her head. Reka tries to be the person that she thinks that the queen is from what everyone tells her about herself, the queen. But on occasion it is very hard for Reka, she is not a mean nor a hateful person. Neither does she want to be. Reka tries to make the lives of the people on the ship better for them. She changes some of the rules that were applied by the queen herself. She does end up making friends with the staff. Reka doesn't execpt nor wants to love Jaxson but she has no choice. She finds herself liking and loving Jaxson no matter how hard she tries. Jaxson is a very nice and handsome man. She also likes Jaxson's guard Griff too, she never expected this either. Although she does have some conflict with a woman by the name of Duester. Duester is jealous of Reka and would very much like to have Jaxson for herself. There were times that I wasn't sure if Duester was jealous of Reka because she wanted Jaxson or because the queen was her friend. I really enjoyed reading Children of the Gods. It was extremly well written. I was kinda disappointed in how it did end though. I was definetly expecting something more something way different than what did happen. I hope that their will be more stories about Reka's life.
  • Mercy on May 28, 2012

    Charlie an eighteen year who lives inside the walls of the community in the middle of The Dead Forest. Charlie and her little sister was sent there by her mother. When her mother sent her there she sent her in men's clothing which Charlie doesn't understand. The community is surrouned by monsters. The women are used for breeding. Charlie is dertermind to take very good care of her little sister and never allow this to happen to her. She is very upset that they would allow the women to be used in this way. Charlie comes to understand why her mother sent her there in men's clothing and knows she must protect her idenity for as long as possible. Mercy is a very short story but at the same time is a very good read. I wished that it had been longer and we could have know more about Charile and her little sister where they came from. What reason did her mother send her there to live this kind of life. Who was her mother? Why did they send them outside the walls? I hope Cherie Marks has more plans for Mercy and we can learn more of Charlie's life and the story that she has to tell.
  • Musical Chairs on June 01, 2012

    I won Musical Chairs in a giveaway on LibraryThing Musical Chairs is about a girl called Annabel who goes to school at Sunset High. The classes at Sunset High are held at night. Annabel is a vampire that gets to choose one high school student a year to kill. Although this is not the only time she can or needs to feed. When choosing her one kill a year Annabel likes her victims to be someone who has a lot of emotional problems. When Annabel decides on her victim she will change her way of dressing to be more in style with theres to better infiltrate their little groups. When Annabel first meets Aiden she tries to introduce herself to him but he ignores her. What she doesn't know is that Aiden has a girlfriend, Deblin and she is afraid of losing him. Aiden would not cheat on her but Deblin has some very bad hang ups about herself and does not know this. Annabel finally gets Aiden to let her hang out with him, Deblin and his best friend Bane. Annabel doesn't like Bane because he ask to many questions. But she eventually figures out that the only way to stay in with their little group is to date Bane. This is the only way Deblin will probably ever trust Annabel enough to let her be a part of their group. I like Musical Chairs because it has a whole new twist on vampires. It keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. Wait, even at the end you still do not know who her victim is, I guess that is why it is a series.(less)
  • Fire: The Collapse on June 02, 2012

    An infection, a virus has broken out all over the world and turning people into zombies. People are attacking each other and then eating them. A navy commander has been given orders to nuke parts of the United States. Everyone is in shock not knowing what is going on. What is happening to all the people? Why are they attacking each other? Everyone or anyone that is still alive is running trying to stay alive and survive. There are two groups of people. Megan's group are very good people they want to do what ever they can to help people to survive until they can get the world back on its feet again. The other group, ran by the navy commander Hollister wants to take over the world. Hollister will kill any one that goes against what she wants. Fire is written from different character's point of view given us an inside to their story. We get the back ground on their lives as to who and what they did before the infection broke out. I really liked seeing things from each character's view being inside their head and not getting the info from someone else. I can't wait to read the next book Air to find out more about Megan and how she leads the people. Will she be a good leader? Will the people like they way she leads? Will Megan and Jack become an item? Will Hollister take over the world?
  • Air: Mortal Choice on June 02, 2012

    Chris goes to see his brother Dave in the hospital. Dave had a motorcycle accident and broke his leg. Upon arriving at the hospital Chris hears the nurse get a call and she tells him to vacate the hall and then she leaves. People all over the United States is getting sick with flu like symptoms. Chris tells Dave that they have to get out of there that being in a hospital is not a good place to be when everyone is getting sick. Chris and Dave witness people attacking and eating each other. Chris and Dave cannot comprehend what they are seeing. Chris and Dave take off for the roof with a group of people to catch a ride on a helicopter. When the helicopter arrives there is not enough room for everyone. Chris is left on the roof trapped with zombies trying to brake down the door to the roof to get to him. The streets below are swarmed with zombies. I have to say I was kinda disappointed with Air just a bit. Not with the story itself. I really enjoyed reading Air it was very intriguing. What disappointed me was the fact that I assumed that book 2 of the undead would continue with Megan and Jack's story from Fire but sadly it did not. I still liked Chris in Air though he has the heart of an angel.
  • Intuition on June 16, 2012

    Unlike most I read Intangible before I read Intuition. Even though I read Intangible first I still enjoyed reading Intuition. It was very well written with an introduction to Intangible the first book in the series. Which is also J. Meyers début novel. Intuition introduces us to Luke's visions. Visions that he has never been able to stop or do anything about. Having vision and not being able to prevent them depresses Luke. Intuition introduces us to Sera's gift also. Sera can heal with just a touch. She has no idea how it works. She is just over joyed that it does and that she can help people. Sera and Luke have always kept their gift a secret from everyone. The outside world would not understand and think they are freaks. I recommend that you read Intuition before reading Intangible although I did not. It will give you a little incite to who Sera and Luke are and what they can do. Reading Intangible first will not in any way ruin Intuition. I am glad that I read it.
  • Dark Bites(R): Part 1 - Windy City of the Dead on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I got this book as a free download from Amazon. Crow is awaken during the middle of the night and runs out on the balcony. She's like what is going on? She looks off into the horizon and sees a big bright light. She runs inside and grabs her laptop and turns on the tv. She is searching the internet trying to find out what is happening and watching the news on tv at the same time. Then she is texting her brother trying to figure it all out. Crow's brother is telling her to get out as fast as she can that the dead is turning into zombies. Crow knows about zombies unlike most people in books or movies. She knows that she will need weapons and what kind of weapons that she needs to survive. I really liked how the writer portrayed the main character which is Crow in this book. She knew what to do. She knew how to protect herself. She knew how to fight the zombies. She didn't wait for some man or other character to take the lead and tell her what to do. Undoubtedly she has watched a few movies or tv shows about zombies.
  • Deadlocked on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of Deadlocked from the author for a review. David is sitting at work thinking about the news that he received from his doctor informing him that he has cancer. Everyone else in the office is watching the news where they are reporting that people are eating each other. The reports from the tv breaks into David's thoughts and he hears what is being said about what is going on outside the office. David starts to worry about his family. He needs to get home to his wife and two daughters. Everyone is told that they can leave, go home be with your families. David has a hard time getting across the city to his family. He ends up in the water and has to swim for a while until he reaches land. David finds out real quick that he is not in the water alone, they are zombies in the water with him. The zombies walk around in the water on the bottom because they are too heavy to float and can not swim. David meets a couple of nice guys, a father and son when he makes it to land. They help him out by lending him their truck so that he can go get his family and bring them back to their place and then they will all escape together.
  • Deadlocked 2 on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of Deadlocked from the author for a review. The second book in this series starts off right where the first one ended. Only this time the mother Laura is the one fighting for her daughters lives. Laura is a very strong person mentally and physically. She fights the dead as well as the living to keep her family safe. She is one tough woman with all that she has to endure to protect her daughters. Talk about motherly love this woman definitely loves her family. I loved the fact that Laura always stood her ground and that she wasn't afraid to fight. She didn't run off and hide and then start screaming like most females do in horror movies. I mean you know like most of the girls in horror movies will go and hide under the bed. She usually thought out the best way to handle a situation before she just jumped right in.
  • Deadlocked 3 on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of Deadlocked from the author for a review. Book #3 tells Billy's story of his journey through the city on his way to his mother's home to rescue her and take her to safety. Along the way Billy meets a military man who gives him some inside info on how the zombie virus started. He also meets two brothers that were very close to each other. While growing up the two brothers only had each other that they could count on and that was always there for the other one. Billy has to make some tough decisions and choices but he does what he has to in order to stay alive to survive the zombie apocalyptic catastrophe. Billy is a guy with a very big heart and kind of naïve who feels real bad about some of the things that he has to do to survive. He had to kill a couple of guys but if he hadn't killed them they probably would have killed him.
  • Deadlocked 4 on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of Deadlocked from the author for a review. Kim, Laura's oldest daughter has been taken hostage and taken to an island. Billy and Levon go after her. Guess what they take with them to help them on their rescue mission to save Kim? You guessed it zombies. Kim is a very smart little girl for a five year old but will it help her to stay alive long enough for Billy and Levon to get to the island and save her? Meanwhile Laura and her other daughter Annie are taken to a military hospital. Laura is fighting for her life while they run test on Annie. Laura is on the brink of death but that still does not stop her from getting up out of the hospital bed and dragging herself down the hall to find her daughter and getting her out of there alive. Laura is one woman that is not going to give up or even die until she has both of her daughters safe. The people in this place undoubtly does not know anything about what a mother will go through or endure to save her children.
  • Deadlocked 5 on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of Deadlocked from the author for a review. One man, Ben is on a quest to find the ones that was behind the zombie apocalypse that destroyed the world and most of the people in it over 20 years ago. His father had prepared him all his life on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. He taught him how to kill zombies. Ben was 13 years old when the zombie virus broke out. He traveled a lone and lived alone needing no one until he met an old man who helped to change how he looked at life. The people responsible for the apocalypse ran a facility under ground where they trained girls from birth to go to the surface one day and fight the zombies. The girls had never been outside the compound which was in reality an old air port. They have never seen the sky above or the ground below. They were never told the reason why they were being taught to fight. They were only told that one day they would graduate and then they would get to go to the surface.
  • Deadlocked 5 on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a copy of Deadlocked from the author for a review. One man, Ben is on a quest to find the ones that was behind the zombie apocalypse that destroyed the world and most of the people in it over 20 years ago. His father had prepared him all his life on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. He taught him how to kill zombies. Ben was 13 years old when the zombie virus broke out. He traveled a lone and lived alone needing no one until he met an old man who helped to change how he looked at life. The people responsible for the apocalypse ran a facility under ground where they trained girls from birth to go to the surface one day and fight the zombies. The girls had never been outside the compound which was in reality an old air port. They have never seen the sky above or the ground below. They were never told the reason why they were being taught to fight. They were only told that one day they would graduate and then they would get to go to the surface.
  • Taming the Vampire on Aug. 19, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I got this book as a free download from Amazon. Liz is a human with 8th of fae and a warrior that has been trained since early childhood. There is a demon lose on the earth that is killing anything that gets in its way. Liz is the only one that can kill him but she needs the help her friend Jack a vampire. Jack and Liz have been friends for a long time but have always hated each other. Even though they have always hated each other and told each other that they hate the other there has still been an attraction between them that they keep to themselves. They don't want to believe or admit that they are attracted to the other. This attraction between them is what is going to help Liz fight the demon and win. Without it she will never be strong enough. She is not sure if what she needs from the Jack is what she wants or if it is worth having the power she needs to save everyone. Liz is a very strong warrior and is afraid that she will lose that if she lets her guard down even if just for one night. She is afraid of being weak and letting someone else be in control. Taming the Vampire caught my attention from the very first page and I didn't like having to lay it down the few times that I did but I had no choise. It is a very great read although I wish that it had been longer. I would have like to know more about Liz and Jack and why they seemed to hate each with such intensity.
  • No Shelter (#1) A Post-Apocalyptic Love Story on Nov. 08, 2012

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I received No Shelter as a free download on Amazon. The world and life as 17 year old Nada knew it has come to an end. The end was caused by huge storms like no one has ever seen before. Which resulted in large masses of flooding ending the life of the mass majority of the human population. After the world had been destroyed and there was no more government officials and no more rules for anyone to live by there was a group of people who took charged called the guardians. Homes were destroyed so Nada and her mother went to live in a shelter in the high school. When a riot broke out at the shelter and the guardians were going to kill Nada she was saved by Isaac. The guardians set the school on fire and Nada's mother was killed in the fire. Nada and Isaac along with some more friends set out on their own living in caves and any place they could find to stay safe. Nada and Isaac was attracted to each other but it took Nada a while before she gave in to her attraction to Isaac. They met a guy in the woods that wants Nada and her friends to help him rescue his sister. In return for their help he promised to take them to a safe place to live where there was plenty of water and food. Isaac doesn't trust this stranger. He is jealous of him and Nada. Why he would be jealous I never could figure out exactly after what he did to Nada. But Nada being the nice person that she is could not say no to the strange. So they set out to go with him to rescue his sister. Nada has feelings for both Isaac and the new guy. She is confused most of the time as to which one she is really falling in love with. I really liked reading No Shelter it was somewhat different from most post-apocalyptic novels that I have read as of lately. It is one of those page turners where you just want to keep reading and you don't want it to end.
  • The Knight Trilogy: Complete Series (Book One, Two and Three) on Jan. 14, 2013

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion. Mina is a seventeen year old still in school and on the a-list. She has been studying real hard to keep her grades up so that she can go on to college. She wants to make a life for herself as well as have a career. Mina lives with her mother, Martha. Martha is the kind of parent that trusted Mina to go and come as she pleases. She has let Mina's boyfriend, Sam live with them because of his home life. Sam and Mina have been together for two years. Mina knows that she loves Sam but for some reason unknown to her she has not let Sam into her bed. Mina meets Blake a knight of the Realm they fall instantly in love. After meeting Blake Mina begins to understand why she has never let Sam into her bed. She now knows that she has always loved Sam but like you would a brother. Martha doesn't approve of Blake but I think she is just partial to Sam. Or maybe she just likes Sam better for whatever reason. Martha never actually spent anytime with Blake long enough to know him. Mina is lost in her own little world after losing her beloved Blake. She feels as if her heart has been torn from her body. But she struggles to regain her life without him while at the same time she is hurting from the pain that she knows that she must have caused Sam when their relationship ended so abruptly well to Sam that is how it must have felt. But later Mina finds out that there is a way to save Blake. Sam, Mina and Delta has to go to Egypt on a quest to save him. But when they get there they find out only Mina can save Blake. Mina is one brave, strong girl to go through what she has to save her one true love. The love Mina feels for Blake is very strong to do what she does to save him. I loved how Mina loved Blake so much that she would and did put her life in danger to save him. But at the same time she still cared and loved Sam but in a different way. Mina was always thinking and putting someone else's feelings before her own. When Mina's secret is revealed and the truth comes out about who or what she has become. Mina is arrested and taken to the mountains in Switzerland and locked up. Blake and Sam must go on a journey to the ancient magical forests of France. Blake is given one chance to save Mina's life. He must go and find The Holy Grail and bring it back with him to save her life. Will Blake find The Holy Grail? Blake is given a certain amount of time to go and find The Holy Grail or Mina will die. The quest that he must make is a test of the mind and heart and not physical. He must remain strong and never forget his love for Mina. Can he make it back in time to save Mina?
  • Zombie on Aug. 25, 2013

    The following review is my honest opinion and not a paid review. George and Helen had been married for ten years. One day George just fell over right there in the living room. They were watching tv and old George got up from his chair and just fell right over and hit his head and died. Well Helen had George cremated and put his ashes in an urn so she could put them on the mantel. Well a few weeks after old George was cremated he came home very confused as to what was going on with his memory being very vague as to what had been going on for the last two weeks. George was very cold and wanted his wife Helen to go to bed with him so that he could get himself all warmed up. But Helen didn't want any part of that one seeing how George had died a few weeks ago. But you see old George he didn't know that he had died. His memory wasn't working very well for him. Helen herself was very confused as to what was going on but didn't seem to upset or scared with the fact that her husband who had died has just walked into her house as if nothing had happened. Yes Zombie is a very short book with just a few pages in it but at the same time is a very good read. Zombie is very different than other books about Zombies. In most zombie books the zombies can't talk and all they want to do is eat your brains or just eat you. But old George is not like that. Old George doesn't even recognize that he is dead. Ok so Zombie is a very short book but it still deserves to be read. I enjoyed reading it it and I think you would too.
  • Sugar Plum on Jan. 05, 2014

    Sugar Plum is a fairy with beautiful purple wings and only six inches tall. Every year at Christmas Sugar and hundreds of other fairies like her are given away as Christmas tree ornaments to poor children and most of the time these children are crossers. Crossers are families who are trying to cross the Mids illegally. The US has been divided into three sections, the West, the East and the Mids. Sugar is given to a little girl named Clara who is told not to open her gift until Christmas. She is told if she waits until Christmas that her little fairy will then magically turn into a real girl. Clara wants so badly to open her present before Christmas but she doesn't because she believes that her little fairy might not turn into a real girl if she opens her before Christmas so therefore she waits. Sugar finds out that there is more going on about the crossers and the conflict than what she has been told. She finds out that Clara's uncle and his family was killed and that now Clara and her family are running for their lives. Sugar is stuck between a rock and a hard place when she learns of the danger she has put Clara's family into just by being with them. She doesn't know where to stay with Clara and her family or leave them. Sugar has become to care about Clara and her family and doesn't want to do anything that would cause them harm. So what should she do? Should she stay or leave? I read Damselfly before reading Sugar Plum and really loved it. So then I just had to read Sugar Plum. I wanted to find out more about the little humans. I have so much loved reading about the six inch humans. I hope that there will be more books in the Damselfly series. I would love to know more about Sugar and Clara. If you have not read Sugar Plum then I highly recommend that you pick up your copy today.
  • Uprising on March 14, 2015

    I received a free copy of the book from the authors for my honest opinion. Fi lives in a world that was devastated by nuclear war but the Fae came along and fixed it for them. They made it beautiful and livable again. The Earth was dying and the Fae brought it back to life. But there is one thing the humans didn't know when they Fae fixed the earth that they were going to have to pay with their life or their freedom. Humans were rounded up like cattle and taken to the home of the Fae. The Fae uses the humans as slaves or animals waiting on them hand and foot. Fi and her sixteen year old brother Eirnin are not a part of the Faes enslavement. They are trying to find a way to stop the Fae from taking humans as slaves. Fi is a young woman of nineteen with a great big heart who never wants to hurt anyone Fae or human but sometimes she is put in a situation where she has no choice. Fi's father was given some info on how to fight the Fae and take back their lives. So Fi's father and mother both leave their little community one day in search of this info. They are supposed to return in a couple of weeks but they never return and no one knows if they are alive or dead. With Fi's father gone and is not expected to come back leaves Fi in charge of her family as well as the leader of the whole group. Before Fi's father leaves he tells her to keep a close watch on her brother Eirnin because the Fae are coming for him. One day this new guy just shows up out of nowhere. Most or some of the people don't like this new guy Flint because he is a Fae. They don't take the time to get to know him and find out what kind of person or Fae he is they just dislike him because he is Fae. Fi and Eirnin both like Flint especially Fi who just happens to fall in love with him. But that is ok because Flint is in love with her as well. They make a good couple, they may be a lot of difference in their sizes but their hearts are probably about the same size though. Flint doesn't approve of what the Fae are doing to the humans and wants to help them. I feel bad for Fi when she finds out that her one and only real friend who also happens to be her cousin Sean has betrayed her. And she ends up having to do something she never thought she would have to do. But she has no choice in the matter the evidence is all there and it all points in one direction. Fi has so much on her for some so young. So many lives depend on her and the decision she is forced to make. But she deals with it quite well for someone of her age.age. I loved reading and following a long with each and every character in Uprising. They all seem so real as if you are standing right there beside them and you want to reach out and give Fi, Eirnin, Flint and Lumi all a helping hand. You want to stand by their side when the time comes to fight the Fae. You feel as if you are a part of their world or at the least wish you could be with them to just make things easier for them. I am going to make a prediction here I believe that Uprising is going to be the most talked about book of 2014. So hey maybe you should grab your copy today so you can jump on the band wagon. You don't want to miss out and not know what everyone is talking about now do you?
  • Ensnared on March 14, 2015

    I received a free copy of the book from the authors for my honest opinion. Patrick Dolan has spent months in a cell in a dungeon inside the palace of King Landric at the Winter Courts. King Landric has had Patrick beaten by his guards on a couple of occasions; one reason is because Patrick is a man with pride. Patrick has always been in charge of his own destiny and did his duty as a father and husband. But when Patrick and his wife Maeve are taken hostage or prisoner by King Landric; Patrick tries his best to save his wife or at least get the King to let her go and keep him. But the King is smarter than that. He is under the assumption that he can use Patrick and Maeve against one another to get what he wants or so he thinks. Patrick and Maeve both are way smarter than he knows. But the King is a stubborn man and can hold out for a long time if he thinks that he will get what he wants. But the Dolan’s have more at stake than he does because they are fighting for or because of love. The Dolan’s love each other and their children more than their own lives whereas the King cares only for himself and would even kill his own children to get want he wants. Patrick and Maeve live in a world where the Fae have come in and taken over. The humans are no more than dirt to them. They take humans hostage and treat them no better than they would an animal. But to the King of the Winter Court it doesn’t matter if you are human or fae if you disrespect him or do not abide by his laws and do as he says then he will kill you or have you killed. Patrick makes a friend while he is a cell in the dungeon. The King’s daughter Lumi is always getting into trouble with her father. She doesn’t like doing as he tells her so she sneaks out of her room all the time and going on little adventures. On occasion some sees her and is taken to her father and he punishes her. But it doesn’t stop her from doing the things that she likes to do. The Princess has a great big heart and knows that a lot of the things that her father does is not right. She also doesn’t like the way her father treats his people and she will try to help them when she can. Lumi is probably one the thing that helps Patrick to stay sane while he is locked up in the dungeon. Lumi sneaks out and visits Patrick and brings him food. While she is out on one of her little adventures to visit with Patrick she meets a new friend, a guard, Murphy. Murphy becomes infatuated with the Princess and wants to protect her from her father. I love the world that the authors have created in Ensnared with the Fae taking over the world. I love that the two main characters Patrick and Maeve are soulmates and would do anything to save the other. I really love Maeve’s attitude and how she stands up to the King because the love of her life is being treated. I mean it is like her heart is being torn from her body. Maeve is one sassy lady. Ensnared is one of those books that will stay with you for a very long time. Ensnared will grab a hold of your heart will have it going in all different directions. One minute it will have you hurting for Patrick and Maeve and them in the next it will have you laughing out loud with the things that Maeve will say. Maeve is one of those characters that you wished you could meet in real life.
  • The Escape: a Gumshoes & Grifters Series Novella on March 14, 2015

    I received a free copy of the book from the authors for my honest opinion. Claire and Carter have been bffs for many years. Claire had rather be at his house then at her own. Both of her parents worked all the time which meant that she spent a lot of time home alone and making her own dinner. So therefore she had rather be at Carter's not only for the food but the company as well. Cater's older brother Adam spent time with them too teaching them a lot of different things about being a cop over the years that her and Carter have been friends. Claire had a boyfriend whom she has never told anyone about. She has kept him a secret because he is like ten years older than her. She is sixteen and Liam is like twenty six. At dinner one night Claire hears Adam and Mr. Emerson talking about the Cavanaugh family. Claire's secret boyfriend, Liam is a Cavanaugh. Carter's brother Adam and their dad are both police officers. Claire was out on one of her secret dates with Liam when he got a phone call and rushed out. After hearing the conversation between Adam and Mr. Emerson she decides to follow him instead of going home. She only wants to know the truth of what is really going on. Is the conversation that Adam and Mr. Emerson were having about Liam at dinner one night true or not? Claire sees something that she was never meant to see. She tried to slip away without being seen but she wasn't quiet that lucky. She was so scared for her own life but she was more afraid for the people she cared about and didn't want to get them killed so she left town, her parents, her bff and her life behind. She took off running for her life and trying to save the lives of the ones she cared about the most. She left knowing that she was going to hurt a lot of people but she thought she had no choice. Her bff Carter is devastated not knowing where she is or what has happened to her. He has no idea if she is alive or dead. He doesn’t know if she has been kidnapped and being tortured or what. His bff, his heart is missing from his life and it is tearing him apart and he doesn't know what to do about it or how or where to look for her. Claire and Carter both have these great big hearts who never want to hurt anyone and they always want to do what is right. Both of them would put both of their lives in danger and hurt their own hearts if it means that they could save someone else from harm. Melissa and Allana have written another amazing book. They just keep getting better and better. I just love their writing style. I love and hate the way they leave you hanging at the end of The Escape. They definitely leave you wanting more and more. I can't wait for the next book in the Gumshoes & Grifters series.