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Smashwords book reviews by thehibernator

  • The Colleen Colgan Chronicles-Book1-Flowers from Cannibals-2nd Edition on Feb. 20, 2011

    Flowers from Cannibals is the story of Colleen Colgan, a young teen who is set apart from her peers because she had a brain transplant from a chimp when she was younger. Colleen meets up with a girl who she feels is her opposite—the brave, spunky, mysterious Erin. Together with her new friend and her totally awesome ferret, Fred, Colleen goes on a time-traveling, aborigine-defying adventure. I had a difficult time rating this book. It was a great story, with a good message…and I’m interested to know how the story progresses in the next books. However, the edition I read was an advanced reading copy, and was riddled with grammatical errors which I think is unacceptable for a children’s book. The story also became a little preachy about global warming, which might turn off some adults. (However, the preachy passage is short, and the story is totally worth the preach.) Therefore, I am interested in seeing what happens to Colleen in future books, but hope very much that I read an edited edition next time.