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I'm a stay-at-home mother of 2, with a large gap in their ages! I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I currently own an editing business, There for You Editing. A healthy dose of OCD and a supreme love for all things written enhance my editing abilities. In my spare time I also do book reviews.

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  • Spell Checked on Nov. 18, 2011

    Vampires, witches and Ireland, oh my! A well written paranormal romance with mythological and alien history, this is a new twist. The story is about Maelin, a woman who has just ended another relationship, in a long line of bad relationships. Her friend Gemma convinces her to escape to Ireland for a little fun and frolicking. Mae, as she is called, goes along for the trip even though she's more for the fun, less for the frolick. On the plane ride over they meet a handsome Irish man named Aidan. The girls have unknowingly been tricked by Aidan - he has cast a spell on them to get them to Ireland. Mae is special. She is the host to Helen, as in Helen of Troy Helen, who returns time and time again to a new body to reunite with her lover Beck. Beck is a 3,500 year old vampire from the time of Greek gods. He's walked the earth searching for Helen over and over again due to a curse. Aidan, a witch, is his best friend along for the ride. Witches and vampires do not get along, which makes this friendship even more endearing and makes the reader like Beck even more. Aidan is a randy fellow, looking to bed humans and witches alike. Beck is a more down to earth and analytical creature, who is unlike most vampires in the fact that he is in love with Helen, something most vampires don't do. Mae finds herself confused when she discovers that she is a witch, falling in love with a vampire. Beck too is confused that not only is Helen not surfacing from the host, as she usually does upon his appearance, but that he is also falling in love with Mae. Here is an excerpt: Beck lay in bed tossing and turning, his actions from the day mentally replaying. It was the first time in over thirty five hundred years that anyone other than Helen had stolen his heart. He betrayed Helen by getting close to Mae and now he stood at the cross-roads unable to choose. How could he tell Mae about Helen? With a big cast of characters, twist and turns that will keep you on your toes, and everything from aliens to vampires, computer games to shopping, this book covers it all. Be warned, as with most romance books, there is sex scenes and they're pretty steamy! Make sure you have a fan handy! I was not paid for this review. The book itself was gifted to me, and that's all there is to it! :)) My opinion was in no way swayed, this review is how I truly feel.Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Have an awesome day! A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero
  • Dreams Both Real and Strange on Dec. 06, 2011

    Dreams Both Real and Strange is kind of like being handed a nice, steaming hot latte....only to have it pulled away. A tease, but in a good way! It'll leave the reader wanting more from the anthology. A quick read comprised of a few short stories to start off and then ending with a longer, more detailed story. The stories are well written, with characters that grab the reader. The story that sticks out the most, and will leave the reader wanting more, is Wraith. Anne, the daughter of a witch, is kidnapped by Wraith after she falls asleep while daydreaming, only to wake up to pitch dark. Anne and her mother have moved from town to town trying to escape the demons that are stalking them. The reader will soon find out that Wraith is a vampire, created by Anne's mother. Why can't witches and vampires get along? K.W. McCabe is definitely an author to watch out for. I, personally, am looking forward to reading more about Wraith and Anne! Will Wraith be cured of the vampirism? Will Anne be saved by her mother in time? Guess we'll have to find out!
  • More than Magic: Semester Aboard on Dec. 16, 2011

    What would you do if you were stuck out on a floating college for a semester and found out that magic truly does exist? Not only does it exist, but that you too are magic? One night Jen, the main character, isn't feeling well due to sea-sickness and decides to go for some fresh air. There she see's something that will change not only her life, but how she see's things. One of her fellow student's is pushed overboard and no one reacts! Then he reappears and all of his friends act like it never happened. Jen is left with plenty of questions as to why someone, who should never have survived a fall, let alone get up to the highest level of the ship from the water, is acting like it's no big deal. Soon she finds out why and the plot becomes thick with: witches, wizards, elementals, vampires and werewolves, to name a few. There is a big cast of characters from many different "races" of magic. The cast consists of: Dani: the water elemental who goes overboard at the beginning of the story Charlie: fire elemental Mariana: mermaid Tethys (TS for short): werewolf Thomas: that one's a surprise! Jen soon finds out that her new found friends are part of the MES, Magical Enforcement and Security. Not only are they all magic but apparently Jen is a witch, which is the only reason she knew that there was something different with the others. Soon she is wrapped up in more drama then she bargained for when a rogue, evil vampire boards the ship and starts snacking on the inhabitants. Although all the guys are seasoned MES agents they are not prepared for this. What follows is a fight for their lives. This is a very well written, well thought out plot. Definitely not a quick read. I can usually finish a book in a day or two, and it took me almost four. The characters are very well written, the descriptions of, not only the magic and characters but also the landscapes and scenery are very descriptive and detailed. Some might think it too wordy but I thought it was enough to bring it up another level than "just any YA book about magic". It makes it more in-depth. I was not paid for this review, I was gifted an Ecopy of the story to read and that is it. This is my written review and my opinion only, it was in no way swayed. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a great holidays! A room without books is like a body without a soul. -Cicero
  • Guardian on Jan. 01, 2012

    Hannah is the girl next door. She is pretty, some would even say very pretty. She has as best friend, a boy named Gabriel. He is the IT boy in town. His father is the sheriff and thus a truly influential man. And so begins the story, like most other stories, with a boy and a girl. Oh and a kiss. But Hannah is not the girl next door. She is pretty yes, but she has a destiny. She is the Guardian - the Venatorcustos. She was born from a line of Guardians. Her mother, Susannah served the world in this capacity for 600 years and her mother before her, well maybe as long as 3000 years. Hannah has a past, a destiny and a responsibility that could cost her everything she holds dear. Guardians are responsible for Crudelitas! They are to make sure that they do not harm humans, that they do not take dominance over some group or the other. She is the keeper of order. Tough job when dealing with Vampires, mermaids and witches to name but a few! Oh sorry. Did I did mention that Fairies and werewolves and such are indeed Crudelitas? Luckily Hannah is born with all the collective memory of every proceeding Guardian. But Hannah's memory could not save the life of her mother, her super human powers could do nothing to save the life of her father Jonathan and her love did nothing to change the fate of her beloved Gabriel! Structurally Guardian is fast paced and entertaining. The character development of Hannah and Bernard is especially endearing. Hannah is truly human. The little girl grows up to be a willful young woman and with that comes temper tantrums and impatience. Hannah is most certainly very human, and I loved this aspect of the story. Bernard, a character introduced nearly at the start of the book, is portrayed as eccentric and loveable. He is a grandfatherly type with hidden depths that I myself can't wait to learn more about in the next book of this trilogy. One character however never goes through any growth. I found that puzzling since the characterization of main and peripheral characters are expertly done through out the book. The character of Gabriel however shows a complete lack of growth. But it soon dawned on me that the answer is simple. Gabriel is perfect! He can't get any more perfect. I found this a brilliant characterization move on Gillian part and loved Gabriel all the more for his state of being eternally perfect and eternally Hannah's first and only love. I really loved reading the book. Peripheral characters are introduced with regular intervals and the depths of their roles in the story fully explored. The characters are either very human, very Angelic, perfectly perfect or truly evil. Very little grey areas exists in the world of the Guardian and this contrast to the real world is expertly revealed later on in the book when Hannah's' real life and her life as a Guardian meets in the living room of her house in Australia. I always feel as if I should choose my words carefully when doing a review as not to give out spoilers. With Guardian I find it especially difficult since it is indeed a tangled web Gillian wove. I highly recommend Guardian to any lover of YA Paranormal literature and give it a six out of five scale rating. Not only do I recommend the book to readers but I would happily gift it to my best friend to read and enjoy.