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  • A Chance In Time on Jan. 05, 2011

    A MUST read!!! If you love historical romance then you will enjoy this story! It has is all! This is a stand alone novel but you will find an update on characters in other stories! I love that! I never want the story to end, but it helps knowing I will get an update in another story! Keep them coming Ruth and THANK YOU for sharing your stories with us!
  • Her Reluctant Groom (Historical Regency Romance) on Nov. 28, 2011

    Okay this is the second book in the Groom series by Rose Gordon. This is a series and is more fun to read them that way. But I think they do stand alone quiet nicely. It's a win win. I really like Emma. She is so sweet yet very stubborn. Marcus is a recluse with good reason and I think is more stubborn than Emma. I even got worried towards the end of this book because they were both so stubborn.I even shed a few tears. This book also has it laugh out loud moments as well. I liked the plot and flow of the book. This does contain a detailed description of the consummation of a marriage. If you do not care for that it is easily skimmed or skipped. I look forward to the next two books in this series!! I hope that Ms. Gordon has many more stories to be told as she has a knack for it.
  • Mistletoe Magic, A Christmas Regency Short Story on Dec. 07, 2011

    A perfect Christmas story. I just love a sweet Christmas romance. I love the magical kiss under the mistletoe! This is a short story that was just what I needed! I love a happy ending! Another excellent story by Donna Hatch! Please keep the stories coming Ms. Hatch
  • The Crown of Anavrea (Book One of the Theodoric Saga) on Dec. 07, 2011

    This is the first book in this series. Within the first chapter I was hooked and refused to put it down till I was finished. I felt a strong connection to Eve and felt bad for Labren. Ms. Rossano has a way with words that makes you feel like you are experencing everything right along with Eve and Labren. I liked that Ms. Russano did not have Eve trust Labren right away. I like that Eve had to work on her trust issues and other old habits don't disappear over night. I also felt bad for Eve the fears she has to face. Lebren is a great hero and I loved when he let's Ulysses have it. This is a sweet romance with some adventure in the mix. This is an overall an awesome story. I am giddy to have discovered a new author. It is clean and not swearing. I can't wait to get my hands on book two THE THEODORIC SAGA The King of Anavrea.
  • Exchange on Jan. 04, 2012

    This was a statisfying futuristic short story by Ms. Rossano. Myah is caputued and Ruhan is going to do everything in his power to save her. This is a story about true love and doing what is best for the one you love, rather than yourself. I would enjoy reading more about the characters. I would be thrilled to read Ramend's story! This was just what I need today. A romance filled with action and adventure in the future.
  • Exchange on Jan. 04, 2012

    This was a satisfying futuristic short story by Ms. Rossano. Myah is captured and Ruhan is going to do everything in his power to save her. This is a story about true love and doing what is best for the one you love, rather than yourself. I would enjoy reading more about the characters. I would be thrilled to read Ramend's story! This was just what I need today. A romance filled with action and adventure in the future.
  • Isaac's Decision on Jan. 11, 2012

    a must read!
  • Word and Deed on Feb. 01, 2012

    I highly recommend this powerful story of love and learning to trust. Rachel has crafted a wonderful romance packed with mystery, murder, a crazy abusive brother and a hero that is unforgettable . I consumed Word and Deed in one sitting and I had a smile on my face, satisfied with the story and ending. I did not want to say goodbye to Bryn and Verity. I only wish the story was longer. Maybe even just an epilogue with them a few years down the road. This is a clean heartwarming story. I can't wait to get my hands on another Rachel Rossano story. You really can't go wrong. I will be reading this story again as I can't seem to get it out of my mind. I love when a story sticks with you. I also really like the cover! Happy reading my friends! source: author
  • Thoughtless on April 12, 2012
    (no rating)
    Ms. Gardner has created a unique story that captured me within the first handful of pages. I wanted to figure out who was the killer and why. Bridget is a very like able and I thought acted much like a normal teenage. Yet Bridget is different and doesn't want anyone to find out. I would feel like the same way. I think everyone has moments when they fear rejection. I had mixed feelings about Terrence. I was like Rory, I had lots of questions about him. I found myself consumed by this story. I had to have answers. So, my laundry and dishes sat till I completed this story. When I finished I instantly wanted to read book two as this is going to be a series. But I was also happy to have my answers. My one complaint is the time frame. I wish it was a little clearer. Other than that I think this is a great story and quiet unique and I am sure with the next book Ms. Gardner writes will be even better. This is clean free from sex and only a handful of swear words
  • Single-handed on April 29, 2012

    Such a cute story! A quick unique young adult read that left me wanting more. Alex is not your typical 18 year old girl. She has a special set of skills!Tommy is a yummy guy! I would have liked a little more about him and his skills. I want to read about Alex's two friends Laynie and Brittany. Ms. Blade will you be writing those soon? One can only hope! This contains no sex and a few swear words.
  • Duty (First Novel of Rhynan) on Feb. 11, 2013

    Duty is a story that consumed me from the get go. I liked a story when two people have to marry and don't necessarily like each other. Brielle and Tomas have great chemistry and both seem to be levelheaded. I found that Brielle is a strong leading lady and has her wits about her. Tomas is a soldier who has many battle wounds yet is tender and caring with Brielle. I felt like Tomas and Brielle were equally matched and had to learn to trust one another. I felt Ms. Rossano did a impressive job with Tomas's character flaws and all. I liked him a lot. I really like when the character seem real and they felt that way to me in Duty. I kinda felt the story was a little rushed. I would have enjoyed a little more foundation for Tomas and Brielle's relationship before they were separated. This story has a lot of movement in a short amount of time. It would have been nice to be in one location longer than a night. That being said I still found Duty to be a beautifully written story, filled with romance, mystery and some unexpected events! I will be looking forward to Ms. Rossano's next story! I hope you all enjoy this read as much as I did! Just FYI~ This story does contain some violence, but no sex or swearing.
  • A Perfect Secret on Jan. 15, 2014

    A Perfect Secret is filled with many secrets. Christian has them and so does the lovely Genevieve and her father as well. Love, loss, guilt and heartbreak. Christian rescues a women trying to kill herself and he is shocked and confused at who he finds. The women who broke his heart. Genevieve has endured much at the hand of her husband. Christian is a gentleman and feels the need to help Genevieve. A plan is set in motion and Christian reminds himself frequently that Genevieve is not for him. That she jilted him. A trip to the Scottish border to see Christian’s sister Rachel proves enlightening. Rachel and Genevieve become fast friends. Genevieve becomes a big help to Rachel with her work. Rachel is 32 and unwed. She loves science and has a quick mind and tongue. I really like her. Secret messages are delivered to Genevieve that are positively frightening. So, she finally tells Christian as she feels his life and Rachel’s life are in danger. Another plan is made and this time Christian asks Grant his older brother for help. This is a hard thing for Christian to do, but very necessary. Lord Wickburgh is a mad man and lives are lost and ticks are played. So, will Christian be able to protect Genevieve from her crazy husband? Will they be able to be together? Will all the secrets come out? Will they bring them closer together or tear them apart? Read it to find out. You will be happy you did. This is another brilliant story by Donna Hatch. I found the plot intriguing and I could not stop reading as I had to see how things played out. I was thrilled with all the surprises throughout the story but especially the surprises at the end. A thrilling story that I would recommend to anyone who loves romance. Just FYI~ This has no swearing or sexual situations.