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Smashwords book reviews by tine86

  • The Ghost Hunter on Sep. 24, 2010

    The Ghost Hunter is a dark and haunting Urban Fantasy story that features everything a good book needs: a realistic, atmospheric setting, likeable characters, a sizzling love story/love triangle, fallen angels (rawr), a page turning story and Scottish accents. Inheriting the totally decayed pub marks a huge change in Ashley´s life; she´s left her less than great life behind her to find out about the mysterious disappearance of her father - and finds herself sucked into a new world that will change her life. The dynamic between the characters was really well written: I liked how Ashley slowly came to accept her unusual roommates and even started to care about them and their well-being, despite that fact that she has suffered quite a bit earlier in her life whenever she claimed to seem ghosts. In Camile, a witch/college student she finally finds a friend who remains on her side even through the turbulent and threatening events throughout the book. Ashley grows throughout the book from someone who runs from his past to a woman who has come to terms with her abilitiy, the fact that she sees ghosts and can interact with them. The concept of fallen angels whose job it is to help unwilling ghosts to pass over and the demon as antagonist was new to me and very appealing. Enough of the secrets aurrounding the house, Cristian´s real character and intentions and other tidbits I don´t want to give away guarantee for an exciting read right until the very last page. The sexual tension and complex, sometimes rocky relationship between Ashley, Cristian and tempting ghost Devon is hindered by lots of emotional baggage. It definetly takes a while until two of the main characters finds their HEA. However, I would have liked to read a little bit more about Cristian, his past and fallen angels in general. The other supernatural being in the small village also seem to be more on the margins, they are merely used to show their need for normalcy and their adjustment to the life of “normal” people rather than to use them to create and populate a rich, paranormal world. Nonetheless is Ghost Hunter a great book that kept me well entertained. I´d really like to read more stories in this specific world to learn more about fallen angels.
  • To Kill A Warlock on Oct. 27, 2010

    Dulcie O´Neil is a fairy and regulator for Association of Netherworld Creatures (ANC), who keep an eye on all paranormal creatures living amongst humans. Luckily. Dulcie is not one of the slightly overused, kick ass chicks who are incredibly powerful. She´s a fairy and her magic is based on fairy dust, but that´s it. I really enjoxed Dulcie´s down-to-earth character. She´s a girl like you and me who watches Bridget Jones movies and writes romance novels (about her boss as fierce pirate captain), who is full of self doubts due to a relationship gone really bad and who thinks about ear enhancement for her pointy fairy ears. When a Warlock who was know for selling illegal potions is killed and partially eaten, she and her team start to investigate As more bodies turn up dead, a stanger called Knight is sent from the Netherworld to help with the investigation. Investigation that lead Dulcie to a vampire called Bram, who insists that Bram Storker was named after him, a demon informant that runs a sex club and some really nasty potions. On her side are hobgoblin Trey who seems to annoy everone, her boss Quillian (said inspiration for the romance novel) and sexy but cocky Knight. When the creature starts to gun for Dulcie and her love life starts to spin out of control, it might just be too much for Dulcie to handle. If you read a book by H.P. Mallory, you´re in for a funny and thoroughly entertaining story that will make you forget the word around you. There´s one great scene after another and leaves you wishing you could read faster! I can only recommend this book to every Urban Fantasy fan who like books with a great plot, whit and sexy guys.