Tomas Burian


The story needs to be told. That is that basic idea I have every time I write. I'm not trying to conform to public ideas of what's good and what isn't. Public ideas change every decade or so. I want my stories to reach way beyond that.
That way I can always guarantee that the book isn't a compromise. It will always be true to its characters, settings and the way I feel. I write fiction and I would like it to be considered as such. My works have nothing to do with reality.
Yet since I started writing about 15 years ago I've always tried to reach out and touch people's emotions. As long as you feel immersed into the story and feel with the character I know my work is well done.
I'm a zealous student and always search for something new to know and ways to improve. Good critics are welcome with open arms as long as I don't have to compromise the content.

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