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Tony Pritchard was born in Doncaster, England in 1968. Kicking and screaming he spent most of his youth running from a succession of larger children until eventually escaping to the giddy heights of Teesside Polytechnic.

Here he befriended many mentally challenged individuals and spent a great deal of time writing terrible poetry and stories that astounded no-one.

There followed numerous flirtations with employment, but the desire to write was far stronger than the desire to learn how to write, and he continued to produce dreadful, lacklustre prose well into his thirties. Somehow, despite all his efforts, his writing improved, and eventually he realised that wanting to write was not enough; he had to learn how to write.

Long hours of graft and several nervous breakdowns later he emerged from the cocoon of learning slightly improved. His first published work, "Ella's Coffee", became available for Amazon Kindle on 16th October 2011. The world was decidedly unconcerned. He has now returned to Doncaster, and continues to write, sometimes well.

February 2012 - Ordinary Joe and the Mark of Four available on Smashwords and Amazon. Two years of my life well spent creating the story I am most proud of.

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