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  • Good Intentions on Aug. 03, 2012

    Such a fun book! This novel blends action, comedy and sexy scenes into a great page-turner. The characters are enjoyable. The dialogue is great. The protagonist is an all-around good guy thrust into a whole new world of crazy, and he has the sense to stop and frequently question the good with the bad. It's a great take on urban fantasy, complete with all-too-human angels, a demon who longs for something better and one seriously funny vampire death scene. The protagonists have a lot of depth to them. This is a character-driven piece, rather than a plot-heavy book; it's all about how the characters adjust to one another instead of the usual "bad guy about to blow up the city, how do we stop him?" sort of thing. The plot threads all work on a slow burn and come together nicely. If you're turned off by sex scenes, this might not be the book for you, but otherwise I highly recommend this book!