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  • Dangerous Relations: Seducing The Billionaire on Dec. 26, 2011

    This book really blew me away. The story is about a Greek billionair in his thirties who is obsessively, passionately and deeply in love with the half sister of his (ex) wife, a girl who isn't 18 yet. He's ashamed of his feelings for a teenager and won't let himself touch her so he is overly protective and jealous to even share her being with anybody.. After he tells her about his love, she demands that he court her publicly and claim her fully. That gets him arrested. Her testimony would clear him but she vanished, leaving only a letter full of lies. Half of the novel takes place in the courtroom, where the hero tries to convince the judge that he is innocent. Even if he is angry an claims not to be in love with the heroine anymore, his actions in the courtroom tells a different story. It's really heartbreaking..