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  • Psychology for Parents: Birth to Teens on July 16, 2013

    What a refreshing change to read a parenting book that's based on research rather than just someone's opinion (who claims to have all the answers because they've either had lots of children or worked with children!). This was a very reassuring read for me as it gave justification for a lot of the decisions I have already made with respect to my two children (aged 9months and 3years) on everything from getting them to sleep, to returning to work. I would recommend it to any new parents. You meet so many opinionated people along the way whilst raising children and are constantly being given completely conflicting information. As an example, I was told that you should never leave a child to cry as they can end up at higher risk of suffering from depression and suicide in adulthood, but also, if you never leave them to cry they never learn to settle themselves and end up with chronic sleep problems which can them lead to....higher risk of suicide and depression in adulthood??! There is more often than not, no one right answer when it comes to parenting decisions, and what sets this book apart is that it doesn't give a set of answers. Various strategies are discussed, and an examination of the current research is used in an attempt to identify the better strategies.