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  • Their Virgin’s Secret, Masters of Ménage, Book 2 on Jan. 13, 2012

    Every woman's fantasy come true. Jessa meets a pair of to-die-for hot twins while having to work at the family hotel in Manhattan for Christmas. The perk about her family being gone is that she gets to have as much fun as she can. But this actually happened a year ago. The book jumps back and forth between present day and a year ago. The present day situation is not as desirable. See Cole and Burke are basically mercenaries and the son of the bad guy they were after a year ago when they met Jessa found out how the feel about her and wants to kill her. When the boys came back to protect her they found out she had a baby, their son! And of course she wants nothing to do with them because they left and never came back. Jessa got a bit annoying to me after they explained the truth and why they had to leave and then why they stayed away. She just kept saying "you're liars" but was that really lying? And if they're here now, why are you still complaining instead of giving them another chance? Good thing for the flashbacks we kept having to their year ago affair. And Cole was amazing! I was bit better prepared for this book in comparison to the first one. The stories are a bit far fetched and obviously there's a permanent menage situation with brothers again, which has to be tricky! But I did enjoy this book more than the first one.
  • Destiny United (Shadows of Destiny Book 2) on Jan. 18, 2012

    3.5 Stars This was my first book by this author. I really started it without any expectations, and a little scared that I would be lost because I didn't read the first one. But it started off really interesting and definitely caught my attention. Maybe this has something to do with Marcelo, because, well, he's hot and has that bad boy thing going on. Caring and sexy. He is sent to bring the Queen's sister, her human sister, to the Underworld. But werewolves are after Erin, so instead of just a quick pick-up and drop-off mission, he ends up protecting her until he can get her to her family safe. Erin on the other hand was a bit annoying. I was very happy to see that she realized that she WAS the "Too-Stupid-To-Live" heroine in the story! But I get it, she's had a traumatic past. She was abused, and that always is a touchy subject to deal with in novels. But to my surprise, when Erin turns 21, which just happens to be while they're running from the wolves, she changes. Turns out she's fae. Yes, pointy ears and everything. And her fae people also want her to come be with them. So she has a tough decision to make. Where does she want to be? And with whom?
  • Destiny Unchained (Shadows of Destiny Book 3) on Jan. 18, 2012

    I was pleasantly surprised with this story. Having read the previous one and thinking we were going to get a bit more of the Underworld politics and relations with the fae, it came as a shock that the main characters for this story are a lone vampire assassin, Natalia, who is a pretty kick ass chick and has lived with a resentment towards werewolves because her own mate was one and the pack turned against her (many many moons ago). The hero? A sexy and open minded Alpha werewolf who likes to and is skilled at using rope ;) She's in his territory hunting a rogue werewolf killer who is actually besting her at every chance he gets. She needs Cristian's help. Even though she hates to admit it. Both the hero and heroine in this story were very likeable. No stupid moments, plenty of funny banter and who can resist an alpha that, even though he's going against pack logic, wants a vampire! The story was also interesting with the werewolf killer . We only get to see the Queen of the Underworld and the mention of the fae towards the end so now I'm curious to see if that's the route we'll see in the next book. I definitely recommend this series. They're not extremely long but they pack all the story you need, lots of hotness and humor, and all with great writing!