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  • Guardians of the Cross (Warrior, #2) on Feb. 19, 2012
    (no rating)
    I was supposed to read this book for a review, but after reading book one, I decided against it. It just wasn't my type of story.
  • My Enchanted Life on Feb. 27, 2012

    I received this book to review from a Goodreads group as part of the R2R event. It was a really nice, fast, light read. After the serious mysteries I'd been plunging into the past couple of weeks, "My Enchanted Life" proved to be the distraction my brains needed. It was intriguing though I can't say it swept me off my feet. I enjoyed it though, so it earned its 3 stars with no question. There were problems with it however. For example, there was so much telling rather than showing, that I caught myself rolling my eyes on a number of occasions. Conversations were retold instead of written out as they should've been. Many descriptions were cliched rather than thought out exclusively. It was a nice imaginary world, but there was nothing original about it. Also, the main character, Emma, was constantly talking to herself in what were supposed to be witty little remarks. Yet, instead of sounding witty, they were rather dull. What annoyed me the most was that every other chapter someone would say something, Emma would look at them wide-eyed and they'll ask her "What? Nobody told you?" Seriously, by the second time I read that, I was already in the know that she had no idea what was happening and the repetition was getting old. The falling in love was awfully quick and not exactly to my taste. There was hardly any intrigue, but I guess that made it so light in the first place. My favorite character was the dragon Cussard. He was funny and friendly and can I say pretty? I recommend this book to anyone who wants to breeze through something to clear their mind of any difficult/heavy novels.
  • Half Black Soul (The Alexa Montgomery Saga) on April 04, 2012

    When I was given this book to review, I was more than a little skeptical about it. Not because of what I'd heard of it, because most reviews have been positive. It's rather because book 1, Blood Warrior, hadn't really made such a good impression on me. But I can say that Half Black Soul was nothing like Blood Warrior. And by this I mean that the writing style had improved, the grammatical mistakes were mostly fixed and the story was actually making a great deal of sense. **What I didn't like:** True, there are some misspellings, some minor substitutions like 'too' for 'to' and 'passed' for 'past' (as in 'moved passed me'), but that can't really be too bothersome. What really annoyed me were the overused italics. There wasn't a paragraph where at least one word would be italicized, sometimes two or tree words, and it just totally overdid it. Also, one other thing that kind of bothered me was that sometimes the voices didn't sound realistic. Kayden for instance seemed so stiff and out of his skin that I wanted to strangle him. And sometimes Nelly's thoughts and conclusions sounded too childish. Lastly, since this is a YA book, I felt that Alexa's language should've been a little toned down. **What I liked:** In this book we can finally hear Nelly's voice, and at one point Kayden's as well. It was nice to get to know Nelly for who she really was. In book 1 we only knew Alexa and how she saw the world. So Half Black Soul kind of broadened our scope of things. Blood Warrior left us with Alexa leaving Two Rivers in order to find her mother. She had rejected Kayden's help, but I knew in my mind that he won't stop at anything and sooner or later would find her. I was not disappointed. And I give credit to the author for having Kayden appear at the perfect moment. The timing was just first class. I loved the development of the romantic relationship by the Warrior and the Libra. It was about time that those two figured out how they felt about each other. And the guilt that Alexa felt for cheating on Jackson really annoyed me. I mean, yeah he was her boyfriend, but she never really hold any passionate feelings for him. So, with gorgeous Kayden by her side, why think of Jackson at all? Besides I never got a good vibe off Jackson. I just didn't like the dude, especially when he sounded like a control freak or something. The restaurant scene was really cheesy in the "Twilight" kind of way. I mean, everything about it felt like it came straight out of "Twilight" and just landed on this book's pages. I kind of laughed when I read it. I loved how Nelly's searching abilities seemed to stretch almost indefinitely. She kind of grew up in this book from the frail child she was to a mentally strong person. The control she could exercise on people was totally amazing. What really got me interested was the ending. I had never anticipated that wicked twist of events, but hey, it's the cliff hanger that makes you buy the next book, right?